Community gardens

Forbes Riverside Community Gardens are bursting with produce.
Forbes Riverside Community Gardens are bursting with produce.

The Forbes Community Gardens are now in their fifth year and the purpose of this newsletter is to provide information and hopefully get more members to join us to share in our fun, swapping gardening hints and tips and get their hands dirty.

What and where are the Forbes Riverside Community Gardens?

We are a small group of people with varied interests, ages, abilities and backgrounds who have an interest in gardening especially in producing great healthy vegies, potted plants and seedlings.

The gardens are open from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 11am to sell the produce from the communal garden beds.

At the moment we have beans and apple cucumbers, potted plants such as herbs (fresh and dried) and strawberry plants for sale. In a week or two we will also have vegie seedlings when mature enough to plant out.

The gardens are located in Reymond Street on the site of the old Forestry Nursery.

There are two types of garden beds: communal garden beds that we all help to look after. The second type of garden bed is a “Plotters” bed one which is leased by individuals to grow and nurture their own produce.

Anyone in the community is welcome to become a member for a small yearly fee of $10 or $30 to lease their own garden plot. Membership forms are available at the gardens and fees are payable at Forbes Shire Council.

We have monthly meetings on the first Thursday; on the following Saturday our working bee where we all pitch in to work on the communal garden beds. After which we have our social get together over a cuppa.

We are all very excited about our plans for this year and anticipate having lots of vegies to sell, potted plants (including colour and herbs) from our shadehouse and seedlings raised in our hothouse.

We have just started our winter planting, seedlings of cabbages, cauliflowers, silver beet and broccoli already up and away with sugar snap peas, beetroot and parsnip seeds in their beds.

For more information please contact our Publicity Officers Heather Moore on 0409 029 529 or Anne Hodge on 0268 511234 or just rock along to the gardens Monday to Saturday between 9am and 11am.