Easter message in the hot cross bun

From Captain Meaghan Gallagher, Forbes Salvation Army

Not long after Christmas we start to seeing hot cross buns appear in the supermarkets.  

In some places you can find hot cross buns being sold all year round.  

Some of us as children would have learnt the rhyme Hot Cross Buns.  

Hot cross buns are traditionally a spiced sweet bun made with currants or raisins and marked with a cross on the top.  

They are traditionally eaten on Good Friday. But other than being something nice to eat it can also remind us of the reason for Easter.

The cross on the top of the bun reminds us of the cross of Jesus, the spices remind us of what was used in His burial. Thankfully this was not the end - Jesus rose again!  

God loved us so much that he sent His only son, so that when we believe in Him we have eternal life.  

What a wonderful gift we can be thankful for!  

As you eat your hot cross buns this year may the symbol of the cross be a reminder to you of this gift.

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