Baker tops sporting shooters meet

Norm Brook presenting Peter Rea with his prize after winning the A grade 100 target field shoot.
Norm Brook presenting Peter Rea with his prize after winning the A grade 100 target field shoot.

Notes for Forbes sporting shooters shoot from publicity officer Tony Bratton

All members are reminded that the meeting on April 12, and all other meetings this year will start at 7pm.

Results of the Forbes S.S.A.A. sporting shooters .22 cabilre rimfire rifle shoot held on Wednesday April 5, the weather was warm with a light wind from the north east at 15kph and a temperature of 27 degrees. 

There were seven members in attendance. The range officers were Brian Neilsen and Anthony Bratton. The scorer was John Dean.

Results of the .22 target shoot were; Paul Baker, 247/250; John Dean, 245/250; Lionel Redfern, 239/250; Brian Neilsen, 238/250; Dennis Finn, 234/250; Graham Freney, 233/250 and  Anthony Bratton, 190/250.

Results of the Fox target shoot, 50m, were; Paul Baker, 248/250; John Dean, 248/250; Graham Freney, 243/250; Dennis Finn, 241/250; Brian Neilsen, 239/250; Lionel Redfern, 212/250 and Anthony Bratton, 120/250.

Results of the Rabbit target shoot, 75m, were; Brian Neilsen, 110/120; John Dean, 102/120; Lionel Redfern, 101/120; Graham Freney, 99/120; Paul Baker, 98/120; Dennis Finn, 88/120 and  Anthony Bratton, 58/120.

Results of the night shoot held on Saturday April 8, and the 100 target handicap field shoot on Sunday April 9. The weather was overcast with showers on Sunday with a very strong breeze from the north-west and the temperature was 26 degrees.

There were eight shooters in attendance for the night shoot on Saturday night with no scores recorded. The shooters came from Forbes, Caragabal, Temora and Condobolin on Sunday two shooters attended from West Wyalong.

The results of the sporting clay's 100 target handicap field shoot held last Sunday. First in A grade; Peter Rea, (Temora  hcp A7) 17-19-16-20 total 72 hcp total 100; Second in A grade; Sean McCarthy (Fbs hcp A7) 16-21-18-16 total 71 hcp total 99;  the other A grade scores were; Milton Cartwright (Temora hcp A5) 19-18-22-19 total 78 hcp total 98; Stephen Cooper, (Caragabal hcp A5) 17-19-20-21 total 77 hcp total 97; Laurie Redfern (Fbs hcp A5) 18-15-20-19 total 72 hcp total 92; Norm Brook (Fbs hcp A5) 15-13-11-13 total 52 hcp total 72.

First in B grade; Graham Duncan (West Wyalong hcp B8) 17-19-20-18 total 74 hcp total 106; Second in B grade; Alan Schneider (West Wyalong hcp B8) 17-19-16-18 total 70 hcp total 102; The other B grade scores were; Phil Cleal, (Fbs hcp B10) 13-13-14-16 total 56 hcp total 96; Bruce Dent (Fbs hcp B8) 16-19-10-13 total 58 hcp total 90; Adrian Hodges, (Fbs hcp B10) 16-21-12 total 49 hcp total 89 (three rounds only).

First in C grade; Nicholas Ridley, (Condobolin hcp C14) 16-16-17-12 total 61 hcp total 117;

The next shoot for the Forbes S.S.A.A. sporting clay's will be be held on Sunday May 28, will be a 100 target handicap field shoot (if wet a 75 target handicap five stand shoot). starting at 12 noon.

For all information on clay target shooting contact: Norm Brook 0458664541: Tony Bratton (02) 68523349: Ben Smith 0427524151; Doug Davis (02) 68523249 & Phil Picker (02) 68516494.

Any person wishing to obtain a long arm firearm licence can contact Wayne Facey on 0414524059; Norm Brook, Tony Bratton to do a firearm safe shooting assessment course.

The next S.S.A.A. sporting shooters .22 cabilre and other rimfire rifle (.22 magnum or.17HMR) shoot will be held this Sunday April 16, starting at 10am. The next Wednesday shoot will be held on Wednesday April 19, starting at 3pm at the Bedgerebong road range.  

For all information on .22 cabilre rimfire shooting contact: Wayne Facey, Norm Brook, Ben Smith 0427524151; David Coleman 0427401263 AH.