Bowls: Top roll-up for Easter



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Last Wednesday we filled six rinks, which was a fabulous rollup. Welcome back Rad Stevens who has been out of action for a while but still has the knack. Rad teamed up with Rob Priest and took a close 16 to 13 win from Mel Sinclair and Alf Davies.

Ray Sanderson teamed up with Glen Kearney and took a 24 to 11 win from Bill O’Connell and Tony Bratton. Barry Shine and John Williams with a 23 to 10 win were too strong for Fred Vogelsang and Trevor Curry.

Michael Ryan and Ernie Egan played well for an 18 to 15 victory over Col Breaden and Jim Maloy. Barry Wright and Eddie Gould have picked up the winning technique with a 21 to 16 against Brian Tisdell and Sid Walker. Our visitor Peter McDonald teamed up with Scott McKellar for a close 22 to 17 match against Ray Dunstan and Sid Morris. Well done gents keep inviting new men to have a game on Wednesday at One for a couple of hours.


The stronger the competition the better you play. Pete Brogan and Glen Kearney picked up a 34 to 22 win from Max Vincent and Wayne Burton. Ron Symons and Al Phillips ended up with a 27 to 21 scorecard against Merv Langfield and Scott McKellar.

Ernie Egan and Billy Adams finished ahead of Wayne Moon and John Cutler. Then in the triples Al Affleck, Bobby Grant and Tony Bratton finished well in front of Harvey Elliott, Peter Greenhalgh and Cliff Nelson. Keep up the good Thursday afternoon competition.


Sunday saw twenty two bowlers take to green three while the Easter carnival was in progress. The one good bowler with a resting toucher was John Bentick.

Ralph Waugh and Allan Hilder took the winning rink as they defeated Lindy Cannon and Don Hodson. The runner-up went to Julie Shaw and Rod Howarth who played John Ashcroft and Peter Tisdell. In the other games Tara Lee Shaw and Jan Waugh defeated Pat Hodson and Col Breaden. John Cutler and John Bentick defeated John Lasker and Clive Herbert. Greg Hartwig, Bob McGinty and Gunna Williams defeated James Johnson, Barry Anderson and Pete Brogan by one shot. John Bentick, who has been a very keen supporter of SMB and the Club is leaving town this week. We wish him all the best for the years ahead. Thanks to the chef for the Sunday lunchtime meal. It was excellent cuisine and nearly melted in your mouth. Try the restaurant when you want a good night out.


In the No.4 pennants our teams travelled to West Dubbo on April 9, for the last game in their pennant rounds. The Forbes team came away with a 9-1 win which means they have won their section and now move on the Zone play-offs at the end of May. It might be noted that they played in a 3-4 grade section and defeated both the number 3 teams on their way to the Zone play-offs.

ON THE MAT: Greg Ward sending down another winner at the Easter Carnival with a focused Grant Lambert in the background on the next rink.

ON THE MAT: Greg Ward sending down another winner at the Easter Carnival with a focused Grant Lambert in the background on the next rink.

The sevens will return to Gooloogong this Sunday April 23. On April 9 the game was washed out after eight ends. All three of the Forbes teams are in the lead at the moment and 12 ahead on the big board.


HAVING A ROLL: Bert Bayley and Jason Dominiak (Forbes) were among the bowlers taking part in the Easter bowls carnival.

HAVING A ROLL: Bert Bayley and Jason Dominiak (Forbes) were among the bowlers taking part in the Easter bowls carnival.

What a cracker of a week we’ve had with some excellent playing by all members. Saturday turned up some new temporary players as 8 visitors to the area for Easter came along for the fun and loved the game, camaraderie and laughter on what was a spectacular day weather wise. It was great to see some young people on the fields. Perhaps our dream of younger people joining the sport in Forbes will come to fruition one day in the not too distant future.

It is with great excitement that the club will celebrate World Croquet Day on Saturday May 6, when the whole community is invited along to have a taste of the game and a join in some refreshment afterwards. Keep an eye out for reminders over the next few weeks. Look out too for Australia’s biggest morning tea details in May, a great way to meet and greet, enjoy delicious food and make some money for a very important cause.


Harley Stewart 8, def John H Browne + Mal Smith 5

Colleen Liebich + Libby Smart 9, def Lyn Simmonds + Ken Styles 4

Barry White + Jeff Liebich 7, def Mary Hodges + Tony Thomson 6

Marg Styles + Dorothea Croker 7, def Joan Littlejohn + Elvy Quirk 6

Bruce Field + Merv Langfield 8, def Bob Murray + Dorelle Scott 5

Jill Rubie 7, def Carol Slattery 6

Kevin Rubie + John Cole 9, def Lorna Field + Bill Scott 5

Marj Styles + Robin Pols 7, def Harley Stewart + Libby Smart 6

Joan Littlejohn + Tony Thomson 9, def Elvy Quirk + Jill Rubie 4

Jeff Liebich + Dorelle Scott 7, def Mal Smith + Ken Styles 6

John Cole + Bruce Field 7, def Colleen Liebich + Lyn Simmonds 6

Bill Scott + Dorothea Croker 9, def Carol Slattery + Lorna Field 4

Mary Hodges + Kevin Rubie 7, def Merv Langfield + John H Browne 6

Bob Murray def Barry White 6

Robin Pols + Joan Littlejohn 8, def Carol Slattery + Mal Smith 5

Marj Styles + Jeff Liebich 7, def Elvy Quirk + Tony Thomson 6

Ken Styles + Kevin Rubie 9, def Bruce Field + Lyn Simmonds 4

Bob Murray + Dorothea Croker 7, def Jill Rubie + Barry White 6

John Cole + Bill Scott 9, def Mary Hodges + Merv Langfield 5

John H Browne + Lorna Field 9, def Colleen Liebich + Dorelle Scott 4

Libby Smart 7, def Harley Stewart 6


Barry White + Libby Smart 14, def Anne Stewart + Annie Bradley 9

Harley Stewart + Rob Bradley 14, def Jill Rubie + Dorothea Croker 13

John Cole 14, def Joan Littlejohn + Tony Thomson 12

Merv Langfield 14 + Kevin Rubie 14, def John H Browne + Janet Candido 9

Bruce Field + Alec Walters 14, def Bob Murray + Lauren Candido 13

Lorraine Todd 14, def Kathleen Broderick 10

Alec Todd + Gil Candido 14, def Cherylin Cole + Lorna Field 11

Barry White + Bruce Field 14, def Anne Stewart + Kathleen Broderick 10

Cherylin Cole + Kevin Rubie 14, def Jill Rubie + Libby Smart 10

Merv Langfield + John H Browne 14, def Alec Todd + Olivia Hunt 7

Lorraine Todd + Tony Thomson 14, def Alec Walters + Rob Bradley 11

Dorothea Croker + Robin Pols 14, def Harley Stewart + Annie Bradley 11

Joan Littlejohn + Bob Murray 14, def Lorna Field + Gil Candido 9

John Cole + Lauren Candido 14, def James Hunt + Janet Candido 11

Libby Smart + Joan Littlejohn 14, def Dorothea Croker + Robin Pols 12

Anne Stewart + John H Browne 14, def Gil Candido + Bruce Field 11

Lorraine Todd + Tony Thomson 14, def Kathleen Broderick + Annie Bradley 13

Bob Murray + Janet Candido 14, def Alec Todd + Lauren Candido 12

Harley Stewart + Barry White 14, def M Langfield + Jill Rubie 13

Kevin Rubie + Alec Walters 14, def Rob Bradley + Olivia Hunt 12

James Hunt 14, def John Cole 13

Peter Chan (Putney) and Max Adams (Brisbane) made the trip to Forbes for the Easter bowls carnival.

Peter Chan (Putney) and Max Adams (Brisbane) made the trip to Forbes for the Easter bowls carnival.