Close contest on the bowling greens

Russell Hodge, with the help of John Williams, took victory from John Stringer and Russell Dietrich in the major pairs.
Russell Hodge, with the help of John Williams, took victory from John Stringer and Russell Dietrich in the major pairs.

Major pairs – There were two very close contests in the Major Pairs. Greg Ward and John Kennedy finished just one point ahead, at 19:18, of Lawrence Jackson and Greg Gunn. John Williams and Russell Hodge fought hard towards the end to make seventeen all going into the last end, on that last end they took a 19:17 victory from John Stringer and Russell Dietrich.

Wednesday at One – We had 22 players and an open draw for the first time. The open draw worked out beautifully. Trevor Curry gave me a tip to note in the paper, I think it was Alf’s bowl on the wrong bias, but I can’t remember that one. Rad Stevens and Tony Bratton finished two points ahead of Eddie Gould and Alf Davies, what a great game. Kerry Dunstan and John Cutler finished another great game just one point ahead of Harvey Elliott and John Gorton. It looks like Fred Vogelsang and Cliff Nelson had a convincing win over Darryl Griffiths and Trevor Curry. John Kennedy and frequent visitor Adam Willmott picked up a win by six shots from Bill Looney and Ray Dunstan. Then in a game of triples Graham West, Bill O’Connell and Rob Priest finished 16:8 ahead of Brian Tisdell, Col Breaden and Barry Wright. The scores hardly ever indicate the closeness of the games and the raw talent out there on the greens. 

The peanut gallery – This is an invitation to any gents who would like an afternoon out, sitting watching bowls. Come along any Wednesday at One and watch the bowls for a couple of hours, have a chat and a drink. You are also welcome to have a bowl or two if you like. But if you prefer to just sit and chat, throw in a tip or heckle the bowlers ... It could become the cheer squad when things get a bit more exciting.

Thursday arvo – A good even number of 22 players rolled up last Thursday. Cliff Nelson, Ernie Egan and Darryl Griffiths won by 17:16 against Ron Thurlow, John Cutler and Greg Ward. Cherie Vincent and Wayne Moon took a 28:24 victory from Max Vincent and Al Phillips. Max and Al were down 26:15 and fought gamely to pick up nine in the last few ends but it was too little too late. John Ashcroft and Wayne Burton had a 23:19 win against Ron Symons and Brian Asimus. That game was 19-all going into the last end. In another close game Ian MacCallum and Lyall Strudwick had a 26:22 win from Merv Langfield and Geoff Williams. Then Harvey Elliott and Don Drabsch took a 19:18 cliff hanger from Graeme Mowbray and Graham West. It is good to see so many evenly matched sides.

Sunday morning bowls by Ron Goodger – Sunday morning was bleak weather but 16 intrepid bowlers played in the final round of the Cahill Trophy. The winners being Pam Stevens, the runner up was Fred Vogelsang and third was Glen Kearney.

The only good bowler with a resting toucher was Tony Bratton. The winners for the morning were Paul Baker and John Cutler. They defeated Tara Lee Shaw and Tony Bratton who also won the runners up prize.

Julie Shaw and Glen Kearney defeated John Gunna Williams and John Lasker. Pam Stevens and Bob McGinty defeated Loris Stewart and Rod Howarth. Fred Vogelsang and Graham West defeated Daniel Tisdell and Kerry Smith.

Next week will be the start of the Tony Osborne Trophy which will run over three weeks. We look forward to having Tony play and present the prize when work permits.

Pennant teams – The two Forbes sides, Fours and Sevens, will play each other this Sunday at 1pm. This is a full dress trial match for next week at Dubbo. Good luck to both sides.

Last Saturday our sevens pennants team copped a hiding from Eugowra’s pennants team in a trial match for both sides. Eugowra are also in the pennant playoffs at Dubbo next weekend.

Only one of our three teams had a win, Eugowra won overall by 63:52. Cliff Nelson, Scott McKellar, Graham West and Tony Bratton picked up a 30:14 victory, our only victory, against T Rigby, B Mulley, B Jones and C Hodge.

On rink two Ron Thurlow, Grant Lambert, Darryl Griffiths and Wayne Burton went down by 21:12 against C Smalley, W Neville, T Yell and K Hodge. On rink one Rob Priest, John Williams, Peter Mackay and Alan Phillips lost by 28:10 to Jamie Frost, Ron Curry, Mitch Hodge and Geoff Flannery. Good luck to Eugowra in their matches next weekend. Our sevens teams will need to pick up their match fitness to play skilfully for two days at Dubbo.

Mixed pairs carnival sponsored by Forbes Shire Council – Members are reminded to enter their names in the Mixed Pairs Carnival on July 15 and 16. $50 per person includes lunch, morning tea on both days, three games on Saturday and two games on Sunday. Full club dress is required.