Shearing shed host to unique exhibition

The 137-year-old shearing shed, chosen as the backdrop of a special art exhibition fundraiser to be held on September 16, is still a working shearing shed.

After the Job family selected their land from the old East Billabong Station squatter run in the 1880’s, the original centre part of the shed was built.

It was constructed with local timber consisting of unmilled cypress pine frame, grey box slab walls, which can still be seen inside the shed, and debarked pine saplings as grating.

It was originally a blade shearing shed.

The Shed was extended in 1906, again using local timber milled on the site.

It was a five-stand shed powered by a belt and pulley system from a large steam engine tractor positioned outside.

The steam engine tractor was replaced with a Lister petrol motor to drive the overhead sunbeam shearing gear in the first half of the twentieth century.

Electricity was connected to the shed in 1984 and the Lister engine was replaced by an electric motor which now powers the overhead gear.  

The Parkes Action Club are hosting the unique event called 'Ducks on the Pond' to showcase local and regional artists.

St Elmo Shearing Shed is located 12 kilometres from Parkes down Job Lane.

The club will provide bus transport for a small fee. Pickup will be from The Little Theatre carpark in Bogan St, at 6pm, returning 9.30pm – 10pm.

Pre-purchase tickets sales from the Parkes Library, Totally Workwear and Langlands Hanlon will end on Wednesday.