A mixed weekend on the green for Forbes golfers

Mixed weekend for golfers

Graham Newport concentrating on his putt while Alby Callaghan and Bruce Chandler watch on. October 28 is an 18-hole Stroke sponsored by The Manna Group, with the Rotary Charity Day on October 29.

Graham Newport concentrating on his putt while Alby Callaghan and Bruce Chandler watch on. October 28 is an 18-hole Stroke sponsored by The Manna Group, with the Rotary Charity Day on October 29.

Golfers were greeted on Saturday with excellent golf weather. While Sunday was more about grey skies. On Saturday the competition was the Monthly Medal, sponsored by Forbes Concrete. Many of the 67 players were keen to work from a solid foundation, mixing skill and finesse to aggregate some good scores.

A grade once again showcased the depth of talent in the Club. Of the 20 players some 20 per cent were under par, and a further 20 per cent finished one over par. John Betland relished the conditions to score 66 Scratch, starting and finishing his round with twos. But alas he was beaten into Runner-up by Alf Leslie who played his best round of the year so far. His 75 scratch, 67 Nett earned him the Winner’s rights. While John’s round was one of power and accuracy, Alf’s was one of finesse around the green.

B grade required a count back to decide the result. Jeff Haley was a little inconsistent on the front nine, but was very much tidier on the back nine, returning a Nett 69 to be the winner. Peter Grayson was sitting pretty early in the piece, playing well on both sides albeit with a small hiccup on the 11th.

C grade was also a tussle ‘under par’. Bruce Chandler rose to the occasion, scoring 69 Nett and only one blemish on the card. Close behind in runner-up was Rod Besgrove on 70 Nett. Once again the back nine was the demon and upset what was a pretty tidy card.

The ball sweep went to 73 nett on count back, going to: 67 – A Davies; 68 – J Betland; 69 – J Haley, P Grayson, B Chandler; 70 – M Collits, R Besgrove; T Griffiths, A Tucker,; 72 – D Culley, S French; 73 – J Zannes, S McAlister, L O’Connor, D Bayley, D McAuliffe and P Cowhan.

The NTP’s went to: ninth – S Kirkman; 18th – B Everest. For both players the ball is a small compensation for missing the two. In fact, twos were pretty scarce with only seven scored, and none by the B-Graders. King Betland scored twos on the first and the 18th.

There was one visitor, Arthur Bower from Asquith. He did okay, gradually smoothing his swing the further through the game he went.

With a bit of rain the course has ‘jumped out of itself’. The green grass and damp turf encourages players to hit through their shot and take a good sized divot. Peter Dawson did just that at the back of the 16th. Only problem was his divot went further than his ball. Just a touch less oomph needed Pete.

Steve Betland hit a screamer drive down the seventh. He was in two minds as to what to use for his second shot. Was it a six iron or something bigger? He chose the six iron and launched into his shot, taking a large divot as you should. In his follow through he watched as his ball neatly curved out of bounds. He scored a seven which eventually gave him a par-36 for the front ninth. What might have been?

The ninth hole is a psychological terror. It seems to mesmerize some people. But Geoff Drane has it licked now. His tee shot headed for the bunker, landed on the top edge, ran around the lip of the bunker, quietly rolled onto the green towards the pin. I would say he has smashed his demons now.

The ninth can be a bit dangerous. Not only do players need to contend with the magpie, but also with flying balls. Graham Newport took his stance to play his tee shot on the ninth. A shout of “look out” was quickly followed by an introduction from Brian Everest, by way of his tee shot off the tenth. The ball struck Graham high on the inner thigh, nearly rendering him speechless. The magpie was seen to be laughing.

And we cannot let a week go by without mentioning the putting. The greens are looking good and promise much for the championships. But they are deceptive in their speed as Stevie G found out.

He arrived on the seventh green looking for a good putting performance to salvage a good score. He struck his first putt with authority, only to watch it smoothly by-pass the hole and trickle off the other side. After three more putts he managed to stay in single figures – just.

Sunday is usually a Stableford Medley, but due to the welcome rain all day there were no players and thus no competition.

Here is the News: It is with sadness that we record the passing of Bob Doolin. Bob and his wife Daine were very strong supporters of the Golf Club many years back, and as players enjoyed the run around the course. Bob has for many years sponsored the ‘Daine Doolin Memorial’ day. We thank you Bob for your efforts. Farewell Bob.

The Summer Sixes competition started this week with players launching into it from Monday onwards. There are 31 teams registered but still opportunity for more teams to register and individuals to slip into a spare spot. Contact Simon at the Pro Shop – 6851 1554

Last week was a practice round. The best nett score was a 33 scored by Pip Perry. Stepping up from there were Ros Saillard (34), Mike Sutcliffe (35), Steve Grallelis (36) and Jenny Ridley (36).

Players note that you have until sunset on Sunday to get your cards in, thus allowing for that extra time during the summer. Keep an eye on the paper for a full report each week.

The Nissan Classic organisation is beginning to roll along. The Tee Times list is now in the Pro Shop, so get your name down there real quick. And if you have or know of a golf cart that could be used please let Simon know asap.

Equipment demonstration days, organised by Simon: November 17 – Ping: 10am to 2pm and November 18 – Titleist: 8am to 12noon.

Call Simon to express your interest. No need to book a time, just rock up and speak to Simon about the new gear, and try some of it out.

Again, do not forget the 2017 FGA AGM and Club Elections, scheduled for October 25. Contact Mary Ewing, or pick up a nomination form from the Pro Shop.

Note that the Events Committee will hold their elections on November 14, at FGA house. Nominations for a position can be made to Sec/Treas Al Rees.

Some of the Wallace Cup matches have been played. The most recent result is a win by Niel Duncan over Phil Duke by 3/1. A few more matches need to be played, probably during the Championships, with a finish hopefully before Presentation night. It will be down to coin tosses soon.

It is crystal ball time: October 14-15 are Rounds 1 and 2 of the Club Champs. The day events are sponsored by Pool Magic, while the Champs are sponsored by Lachlan Commodities. There will not be a Stableford Medley on the Sunday.

-by Short Putt

Ladies Golf

On October 7 there was a good field of Ladies playing for the Loomzys Fish and Fix Trophy with Jenny Hubbard catching the prize with 41 points not far behind was Enid Baker on 39. Nearest the Pin on ninth was Jenny Fletcher and 18th Bess Shields. Sweep went to Jenny, Enid and Libby Godden. On the same day six of our Ladies were playing at the Mudgee Tournament with Kerry Stirling and Robin Lyell coming home with a small trophy in the 4BBB with 40 points they were placed third.

On October 11 Hair With Style sponsored our Stableford Competition in two divisions with Janet Smith having her best score of the year with 41 points in Division One and Sarah Black winning Division Two with 36. Sweep to Janet, Sarah and Kerry. NTP ninth Janet and 18th Sally Perry. Congratulation to all the winners over the past week.

The all important Championships Sponsored by Fugen Constructions and Kerry and Joe Stirling start on October 14 and we are hoping to have three Divisions if the numbers are good. The Veterans championship sponsored by Robyn Hammond runs at the same time. If you have not put your name down please do so as our Captain can work the Divisions our before play starts.

The Ladies AGM was well attended on Wednesday and we have a new President in Alison Kingston with Julie Hurkett taking on the Vice. The Captains job remains with Robin Lyell and Vice Heather Davidson. Bev Gerdes has the Secretaries job with Sally Perry being the Treasurer with Janet Smith as Vice. Thank you to our leaders for keeping our great game running smoothly. These ladies take up their position on 6th December at our Christmas party. October 18 is a Pinehurst competitions which you do need a playing partner for so if you haven't found a partner just put your name down in the Pro Shop. Judy Hodge is on Cards.

-by Roving Reporter