Musical parody touching on life's hotspots

Cast of Menopause the musical - Women on Fire during production.
Cast of Menopause the musical - Women on Fire during production.

Menopause might be an uncomfortable topic, but Menopause The Musical – Women on Fire drags it onto the stage singing to the beat of classic music.

Based on the production written by Jeanie Linders, this musical parody is set around four women in a department store with nothing in common except for a lace bra they want to buy in a sale and pokes fun at various aspects of menopause.

Starring Victoria Nicolls, Melanie Evans, Meg Kiddle and Lilias Davie, the musical will be touring NSW and parts of the ACT in November and December.

Actress Victoria Nicolls said the musical parody was about looking at things that go wrong with the body, focussing on menopause as it is a subject which is not often discussed.

Mrs Nicolls is an Australian actress remembered for her roles on the TV show ‘The Restless Years’ and the 1984 film ‘Prisoner’.

Having stepped back from acting in television and film roles to focus on children’s theatre and raising her own children, Mrs Nicolls said she is now able to go on tour with shows like this one.  

With musical theatre having a resurgence, Mrs Nicolls said that the aim of this tour is to bring the theatre into the countryside.

“Meeting all the different audiences is a joy,” said Mrs Nicolls.

Mrs Nicolls said the cast and crew were an incredibly wonderful team of people, making it a joy to be on the tour.

With the story told through songs, Mrs Nicolls said the show is the star and has brought in incredible audiences previously.

Mrs Nicolls said the musical parody would be laugh, which would be a wonderful thing.

Menopause The Musical is coming to the Forbes Services Memorial Club on Thursday November 30, 2017. 

The tour begins on Wednesday, November 1 at Windsor and concludes on December 16 at Coffs Harbour.

Mrs Nicolls said it is a big journey with plans to tour Victoria next year.