Forbes sporting news


The very exciting Fast Five Netball World Series was played in Melbourne at the weekend, with England coming out winners, and Australia taking third place. Fast five Netball will be coming to Forbes Netball Association in February 2018.

The Fast Five competition was discussed at the October monthly meeting, with all present deciding to run the competition at night from mid February and all of March 2018, and finishing by Easter. A new group of young volunteers must be formed as a committee to run the Fast five competition.

Many younger players have already shown interest in volunteering, but written nominations are now called for, with nominations to close mid November. All nominations must be emailed to the Secretary Tiff Nicholson email

Netball NSW representatives will be coming to Forbes to meet with the new Forbes Fast Five committee, explaining how it all works, and how to run the competition. Support will be given in all areas of running the new competition.

Anyone interested in volunteering for the Forbes Fast Five committee should ask any of the FNA committee members any time. This is an exciting new form of netball that Netball NSW is starting to roll out in 2018, and it can only be done in Forbes if there is a separate new committee to do the volunteering.

Open representative team 2018: Applications from players aged 14 years (2018) to open ladies, to play in the West/Central West Regional League at Orange close tomorrow, November 1. Dates for the competition to be played in the Orange PCYC indoor stadium, are February 25, March 25 and April 15 2018. Selections for the team will be held on November 13 and November 20 at 6pm. Application forms are available on the FNA website, or available at the office on Wednesday night. All players must be registered and play Forbes competition.

Representative coaches and assistant coaches 2018: Applications for the 2018 representative coaches and assistant coaches for the following age groups are now open. 17 under team to compete in the NNSW State Championships, 15 years and 12 years teams to compete in the NNSW State Age Championships. Applications must state their coaching qualifications and coaching experience, and any playing experience, and their WWCC details. Anyone interested in finding out more about the positions can see Coach Convenor Robyn Kenny. Support will be given to new representative coaches and assistant coaches.

Draw for November 1

Ladies competition: 7-30pm crt 4 Postie versus Forbes Engineering (Carmen Stephens/Jack Piercy). 7-30pm crt 5 Golfie versus CWD (Tasha Shaw/Janssen Mores). Bye-Hooligans.

Mixed competition: 6-30pm crt 4 Top Shots versus Zenith (Hannah Cudaj/Robyn Kenny). 6-30pm crt 5 McClintocks versus Maguires Contracting (Marg Spackman/Loiuse Spry). Bye-H & S. Hooligans and H & S have rostered umpires, instead of canteen duty. Thank you. 

-by Robyn Kenny


Social bowls was enjoyed with Loris Stewart Lyn Elliott and Carmel Murray defeating Margaret O’Connell, Anne Walker and Judy Girot and Kay Toohey Hazel Prince and Annette Tisdell defeating Jill Taylor, Ann Mackay and Mary Everson also Colleen Dean sharing a game with Sandra Priest, Noela Girot and Jan Waugh proving too good for Judy Kerr, Lesley Dunstan and Colleen Liebich all playing triples.

The Veteran’s singles competition final will be played tomorrow between Judy Girot and Pat Hodson with Jan Waugh as Marker. The meat raffle was won by Judy Kerr with Carmel Murray Lyn Elliott and Loris Stewart the rink winners of the day.

A Consistency Pairs Competition has been drawn up and the first round can be played any time before the November 16 .The teams are Sandra Priest and Jan Palmer versus Judy McLuckie and Anne Walker  Lesley Dunstan and Ann Mackay versus Lyn Elliott and Colleen Liebich and Hazel Prince and Judy Girot versus Loris Stewart and Annette Tisdell please wear the new uniforms if possible.

Social Selectors for November are Connie Skinner and Anne Walker and Morning tea duties Judy Girot and Anne Nixon. To play social bowls tomorrow a phone call between 8.30am and 9am for a 9.30am start is necessary for teams to be organised Look forward to seeing you there.

-by Colleen Liebich

Squash News

Wednesday night October 25 was round ten and last chance to make the top four semis births. Of eleven matches played, no five setters, only two four set affairs and nine three set wins. These results did little to change team positions however. Stand out players were Brendon Allegri, Regan Acret, Louise Webb and especially Charlie Yapp.     

Team Results were: Barnards (15) d D Bilsboroughs (13), Andrew lost to Danny 1–3, N Toole lost to sub G Coombs 0–3, L Webb d A Carlisle 3–0, C Yapp d P Cormie 3–0. Roachs (18) d Allegris (10), Nathan lost to Brendon 0–3, G Coombs d sub J Hemming 3–1, H Carlisle d J Cole 3–0, J Darcy d B Barnard 3–0. Acrets (13) lost to W Bilsboroughs (14) Regan d Wayne 3–0, W Wallace lost to M Bentick (F), H Toole lost to J Hemming 0–3, C Toole d J Barnard 3–0. Team points: Roachs 168 points, W Bils 147, Barnards 142, Allegris 132, Acrets 128, D Bils 114.

This week’s semis draw: Roach’s versus Allegris, W Bilsboroughs versus Barnards, D Bilsbroughs versus Acrets.

Thursday evening’s play had five, five set matches, five of four sets and seven three set events. These results saw changes to team placements. Deardons took third spot from Acrets who won fourth place from Doyles. Nathan Roach said touché to Sandy Paterson. Garry Dempsey made a successful return defeating Jono Cannon and Sam Hornery’s determination gave him a four set win over Brendon Allegri’s persistant, power play.

Team Results were:  Kings (24) d Doyles (18), Richard lost to Alex 2–3, S Hornery d B Allegri 3–1, P Cowhan d  D Haynes 3–1, J Betland d T Coombs 3–0, L Miller d P Thompson 3–2, sub G Falvey lost to S Mackay 0–3. Pipers (16) lost to Acrets (19), Regan lost to Darryn 0–3, C McQuie lost to D Bayley 0–3, sub G Coombs lost to S Webb 1–3, G Coombs d Br Thomas 3–0, N McCaig lost to E Cowhan 0–3. Deardons (24) lost to Dawes (18), Stuart lost to Oli 2–3, G Dempsey d J Cannon 3–1, N Roach d S Paterson 3–0 K Cormie lost to M Webb 1–3, S Allegri d Bl Thomas 3–2, G Falvey d R Brown 3–2. Team points: Kings 231, Dawes 211, Doyles 190, Pipers 184, Deardens 191, Acrets 193.

Semis draw: Kings versus Acrets, Dawes versus Deardens, Doyles versus Pipers.

-by Drop Shot!

Indoor Bowling

What an exciting day, we played two games of bowls and celebrated Vera McPetrie's 90th birthday. We all kept it quiet about Vera's birthday, every one signed her birthday card. Vera was very excited when we brought out her cake for her, she is pictured cutting the cake. Winners for the day Sandy Hepburn Joyce McKenzie and Betty Rees two wins 24 points.

Runners up Wilma Hepburn Lorraine Sullivan and Pat McGrath one draw and one loss 15 points. Chocolate went to Liz Vera and Betty McGarth. Competition  was won by Lorriane Sue and Barbara Hoswell.

Every one from the indoor bowls send our condolences to Beve Chandler and all John Reed's family on the sad loss of John who has been a good supporter, playing at both clubs for many years

Every one is welcome to come along to the Community Centre names in 1.15pm for 1.30pm start.

 -by Wilma Hepburn

Croquet News

It was lovely to see the rain last week and our croquet grounds are looking so much greener. Croquet continues to be a popular sport  and a lovely form of gentle exercise whilst testing  skills. Once again many thanks to all the members whom arrive very early to set up and to others  whom stay back to help pack everything away. It was lovely to see Veva MacCullagh pay a visit during last weeks games and to know her health is improving. A special welcome back to Mal Smith whom has been away travelling for some months  in his newly acquired Motor Home.

Golf Croquet October 24

R.Rennick, J.Littlejohn 7 defeated L.Smart, L.Todd 6.

T.Thomson, J.MacCullagh 8 defeated L.Simmonds, K.Broderick 5. B.White, B.Scott 9 defeated D Croker L Allegri 4

L Field J Cole 9 defeated C Slattery J H Browne 4 B Field 9 defeated E.Mahlo, R.Pols 4.

J.Rubie, C.Liebich 7 defeated K.Rubie, D.Scott 6.

J.Brown, J.Allegri 7 defeated M.Langfield, M.Smith 6. B.Murray, M.Hodges 11 defeated I.Davis, C.Clifton 2 .

L.Allegri, L.Smart 7 defeated M.Hodges, J.MaxCullagh 6.

J.Allegri, K.Broderick 7 defeated D.Croker, B.Murray 6.

L.Simmonds, J.Littlejohn  9 defeated C.Liebich, I.Davis 4.

A.Todd, T.Thomson 9 defeated J.Rubie, M.Langfield 4.

B.Field, E.Mahlo 8 defeated R.Pols, L.Todd 5.

J.H.Browne, R.Rennick 10 defeated D.Scott, L.Field 3.

M.Smith, C.Slattery 9 defeated J.Cole, K.Rubie 4.

B.White, B.Scott 9 defeated C.Clifton, J.Brown 4.

J.Rubie, R.Pols 7 defeated M.Smith, J.MacCullagh 6.

I.Davis, J.Cole 7 defeated D.Croker, K.Rubie 6.

J.H.Browne, K.Broderick 8 defeated R.Rennick, E.Mahlo 5.

C.Liebich, J.Littlejohn 8 defeated C.Clifton, B.Little 5

L.Allegri, L.Todd 8 defeated A.Todd, M.Langfield 5.

L.Smart, C.Slattery 10 defeated L.Field, M.Hodges 3.

B.Murray, B.White 8 defeated B.Scott, D.Scott 5

Three wins each on the day went to Joan Littlejohn Barry White Bruce Field and John Allegri Congratulations to those players.

Aussie Croquet October 28

J.Littlejohn, B.White 14 defeated E.Quirk, L.Todd 11

B.Murray, A.Todd 14 defeated C.Cole, C.Clifton 8

L.Simmonds, K.Broderick 14 defeated J.Ellis, C.Liebich 12

T.Thomson, J.Cole 14 defeated J.MacCullagh, M.Langfield 10

L.Smart, D.Rogers 14 defeated C.Liebich, D.Croker 13

B.Field, L.Field 14 defeated R.Rennick, J.H.Browne 13

J.Cole, E.Quirk 14 defeated J.MacCullagh, L.Field 11

A.Todd, B.Murray 14 defeated J.H.Browne, L.Todd 9

C.Liebich, J.Liebich 14 defeated B.White, L.Simmonds 12

D.Croker, J.Ellis 14 defeated M.Langfield, D.Rogers 13

T.Thomson, C.Clifton 14 defeated L.Smart, J.Littlejohn 12

B.Field defeated K.Broderick 10

C.Cole, R.Rennick 14 defeated R.Pols 13

B.Field, D.Croker 14 defeated M.Langfield, L.Smart 12

J.Cole, R.Rennick 14 defeated C.Liebich, C.Clifton 11

D.Rogers, T.Thomson 14 defeated B.Murray, J.Ellis 11

B.White, L.Todd 14 defeated E.Quirk, L.Field 10

J.H.Browne, A.Todd 14 defeated J.Ellis, K.Broderick 9

In Aussie Croquet John Cole  Bruce Field and Tony Thomson won each of their three games. Congratulations.

-by Elvy Quirk