Slight drop in yardings at this week’s sales

Numbers declined at Tuesday’s sheep and lamb sale with both lamb and mutton showing the decrease. Lamb quality continues to be mixed with both well finished and plainer lambs penned. Not all the usual buyer were present and competing in a dearer market.

New season lambs lifted $4 to $6/head with only a limited number penned. The store types to restockers sold from $88 to $138/head. Trade weights sold from $128 to $161 and heavy and extra heavy weights received from $151 to $207/head.

Old lambs were $6 to $7/head dearer. Light lambs sold from $119 to $122/head. Trade weights received from $125 to $150/head. Heavy and extra heavy weights showed the greatest change. Heavy lambs sold from $149 to $164 and extra heavy weights received from $165 to $216/head. 

Numbers eased at Monday’s cattle sale and quality continues to be very mixed. There were a few pens of well finished and grain assisted cattle available along with the plainer types. Yearling steers made up the majority of the yarding along with a good number of cows.

The usual buyers were present and competing in a steady market.

Yearling steers to processors held steady though fluctuated with quality. Middle weights sold from 285c to 309c and heavy weights received from 260c to 305c/kg. Those to feed also varied with quality offered. Middle weights sold from 275c to 314c and heavy weights from 273 to 316c/kg. The heifer portion to feed held firm and sold from 260c to 295c/kg. Those to processors lifted 4c to 6c on a better offering to range from 250c to 308c/kg.