Weekly Squash Results and News

Last Wednesday evening, November 29, was Round three. 

Danny Bilsborough played brother Wayne again, who subbed for Graham Coombs (busy harvesting), in an epic five setter. Danny won this time but Wayne will be back. 

Roaches had no wins earning only three points while opponents W Bilboroughs earned seventeen. Rego hit well to defeat Brendon in four sets but young Charlie Yapp lost a long fifth set to Sarah Jane Miller.   

Team Results: D.Bilsboroughs (10) lost to Coombs (11), Danny defeated sub W.Bilsborough 3–2, M.Bentick defeated E.Gafney 3–1, K.Acret lost to L.Cowhan 0–3. Roachs (3) lost to W.Bilsboroughs (17), D.Bryant lost to A.Bayley 0–3, L.Cowhan lost to P.Cormie 1–3. Acrets (9) lost to Allegris (12) Regan defeated Brendon 3–1, E.Cowhan lost to L.Webb 0–3, C.Yapp lost to S.J.Miller 2–3.

Draw: Acrets versus W.Bilsboroughs, Allegris versus Coombs, Roachs versus D.Bilsboroughs.

Thursday night, on Court one, Nathan Roach won set one, 15–10 then lost the next 19–21 and eventually the match to a determined Dan Bayley. Sam Mackay also took the first set from Deb Bryant but thereafter bowed to experience.

On Court two, the boys from the Parkes side of town played; Richard King beat Stuart Deardon after many grueling rallies while Russell Brown’s defeat of Dan Willis had fewer grueling rallies.

On Court three, despite a valiant effort, Mark Webb couldn’t take a game from Gazza Dempsey but Pete Thompson took three in a row from Blair Thomas.

Team Results: Hornerys (16) lost to Allegris (18) sub D.Haynes lost to Brendon 0–3, N.Roach lost to D.Bayley 1–3, J Betland lost to sub P Cowhan 1–3, L Miller d T Coombs 3–1, S Mackay lost to D Bryant 1–3. Kings (24) defected Deardons (10) Richard defeated Stuart 3–1, K.Sharp defeated J.Cannon 3–0, B Acret lost to K.Nightingale 1–3, R.Brown defeated D.Willis 3–1. Pipers (19) defeated  Acrets (14) Darryn defeated sub N.Roach  3–0, M.Webb lost to G.Dempsey 0–3, P.Thompson defeated B.Thomas 3–0.

Draw: Pipers versus Deardons,  Acrets versus Allegris, Kings versus Hornerys.