Let’s rally for Eli

A Bogan Gate family has been shocked by a leukaemia diagnosis for their healthy, happy son and friends are rallying to raise funds so they can be together as much as possible during treatment.

Three-year-old Eli Bond was diagnosed with leukaemia on October 1 and has been in Sydney for treatment since.

His dad Robert will be off work for seven months as the pair stay at Ronald McDonald House for Eli’s treatment. Mum is at home with his three brothers and baby sister.

Family friend Leanne Hovey is running a fundraiser to help Eli’s mum and siblings spend as much time as possible with him as well. 

She’s organised a massive KitchenAid raffle in conjunction with Chef’s Kitchen with more than $3000 worth of products in prizes.

Tickets are $20 and there are 200 available, contact Leanne on 0421 087 802 if you can help.

Dad Robert says Eli is a fun-loving, care-free boy – always full of life and with a smile on his face.

“He loves playing with his cars and trucks watching movies with his baby sister and in winter helping dad with wood,” he said.

“His brothers miss him very much, they're all very close and feel a loss when Eli isn't with them.”

Eli’s diagnosis has shocked the family.

“He had only been sick for three days when I myself was sick so we just thought we had the same thing,” mum Bobbi-Jo Green said. 

“But because on the second night his temperatures were uncontrollable we did go to the doctors ... and he was sent for blood tests.”

The fundraiser will help a lot with transport between home and hospital both now and in coming months – particularly so the older boys can continue with their schooling with having to move.

“The hardest part about the whole process is not being with him all the time and the unknown of everything that could possibly happen,” dad Robert said. “Or even the things that do happen and we are unable to control.”

Robert added that many country families are in Sydney for leukaemia treatment and the family is grateful for the support of Ronald McDonald House.