It’s old and new: Myer site developers unveil plan that only retains facades | Photos

Developers would knock down most of the old Myer site and build a new shopping complex on the back of the heritage facade under a revised development application [DA] presented to Orange City Council.

The DA on display at the council offices would see most of the structure replaced by steel framework but keep more of the original features after council sent the first DA last year back to the drawing board.

Under the latest plan the heritage aspects of the iconic building would be displayed through a heritage buff and beige paint scheme, installing awning posts on Summer Street and using pressed metal displays inside the centre.

The historically-significant basement would be retained by raising the level of eateries on Post Office Lane through decking, a ramp and stairs.

It was originally intended that the $12 million development from Alceon Group would involve refurbishing the existing building however the DA states the building cannot be saved as it is structurally unsound.

It is proposed to demolish the roof and the first, second and ground floors of the building.

The front and side facades would be retained.

“Implementation of the 2016 Consent [the original plan for the development] would involve an unreasonably high risk of building collapse, particularly the high level masonry,” the DA states.

“It has unacceptably high safety implications.

“It is also of great concern that the refurbished building could not be certified as structurally sound in accordance with Australian standards.”

It said work to preserve the building would endanger construction workers and the public.

“It is obviously important that this retail use is vibrant, attractive, convenient and retains heritage fabric where practicable,” it said.

“However, fundamental to the continued use of the existing premises is ensuring that the building is structurally sound and safe.”

One of the more interesting points to the new DA is the treatment of Post Office Lane where it is proposed food outlets and dining tables would be placed.

The awning from the front of the complex in Summer Street would be retained around the corner and down Post Office Lane to cover the elevated outdoor dining area.

Preserving the historic basement has been a key factor which is addressed in the DA.

“One of the benefits of providing the proposed decking is that the ground floor height of the shops facing Post Office Lane has been increased and this permits the retention of the basement which is a heritage item mapped of being of high significance,” it said.

The elevated decking would be at the same height as the adjoining shops within the development.

The DA proposes that 15 shops and two kiosks would be included in the new centre.

The main entrance would open into a mall which would be lined by the shops with the major tenant, currently listed as being Harris Scarfe, at the end of the mall connecting to the rest of the Orange City Centre.

The major tenant would have 2280 square metres of space.

A second ‘mini-major’ tenant would have 650 square metres of space.

The remaining 13 tenants would have floor space ranging from 60-150 square metres while the mall would include two small kiosks, each with 20 square metres of space.

Unlike the old Myer site which was on separate levels the new shops would all be on the one level.

The DA is on public display at the council offices until Monday, January 29 ahead of it being assessed.