Forbes sporting news

Croquet luncheon: John MacCullagh and Tony Thomson Celebrate their Birthday on June 5 with yummy cake.
Croquet luncheon: John MacCullagh and Tony Thomson Celebrate their Birthday on June 5 with yummy cake.

Ladies Bowls

We were very happy to see Meg Butler having a game of bowls and lovely to welcome Pat Markey to try out the game We are indebted to Anne Walker who is always ready to coach new players.

Playing social Triples Margaret O’Connell Leslie Dunstan and Jan Waugh defeated  Alice Allen Noela Girot and Lyn Simmonds while Anne Nixon Carmel Murray and Colleen Liebich defeated Meg Butler Robyn Mattiske and Mary Everson to take out the winning rink of the day.

Social pairs saw Judy Kerr and Pam Stevens having a win over Glenys Ryan and Pat Hodson.

The Central Western  District Fours Competition saw a team play at Canowindra but were unsuccessful, the competition being played over several days. Our winner of the meat raffle this week went to Robyn Mattiske.

The Minor Singles match with Judy Kerr  versus Elyssa Cunningham  was played last weekend and proved to be a close game with Elyssa winning by only two shots the score being 25-23. The final of this competition will be contested by Elyssa Cunningham and Kay Toohey.

The draw has been done for the Minor Pairs Competition and play is as follows all games to be played by June 21. Lyn Elliott and Jill Taylor versus Judy Kerr and Kay Toohey and Leslie Dunstan and Margaret O’Connell versus Robyn Mattiske and Deanna Williams.

The social selectors for June are Hazel Prince and Lesley Dunstan and morning Tea duties will be Lyn Elliott and Noela Girot in charge. Social Bowls will  be played so ring your name in to the club between 9am and 9.30am and you will be in a team. Looking forward to seeing you all for a 10am start.

-by Colleen Liebich

Veteran’s golf

Fast greens made for what was expected to be difficult conditions for the 31 veterans who converged on the Forbes Golf course last Thursday. Players from Forbes and Parkes welcomed local member Brian Clarke in playing his first competition round. However, not much changed with scoring overall better then most days where two of Forbes' super vets, David Williams (winner) and John Whatmore (r/u) shared top honours with 28 points each.

One of the strongest member from both clubs, Dub Rodgers (Parkes) took home the encouragement award from the competitions 'comic' in Dale Stait (also Parkes) on a count-back with 15 points. Nearest the pins, and perhaps a first, with Phil Bishop taking both A grade awards at the 9th and 18th in a round of three over par while Forbes' Milton Cartwright did similar in B grade, however with a slightly higher score.

Ball sweep to 23 points on a count-back, 27 points, Peter Scholfield (F), Phil Bishop (P), 26 Geoff Coles (F), Barry Shine (F), Allan Rees (F), Milton Cartwright (F), 25 Brian Clarke (F), Lyndon Byrne (F), Barry Parker (F), 23 John Smith (F), Tom Domenico (P).

In the Mick Miller Shield, Forbes able to choose their best six scores out of 19 players scored 161 to Parkes (12 players) 134.   Thursday's play with be in Parkes with noms from 12.30pm for a shot gun start at 1pm. Thursday week will see the monthly 18 holes in Parkes before its back to Forbes on the 28th.

“I'm Mr Parker”, that Barry Parker, won last Tuesday's 12 hole competition with 31 points from Allan Rees 29 points and Terry Shannon and Geoff Coles, both on 28 points. Tuesday golf again today with ball toss at 9.30am. ​by Short Putts Mate

Indoor Bowls

It was good to see everyone enjoying them selfs on Wednesday afternoon. I have been in Bali to meet up with our daughter for two weeks it good to be back home. We changed skips every game all I can say it was interesting as some did not want to be skip.

Winners for the day Vera, Betty Rees and Sue three wins 24 points. Runners up Liz and Sandy two wins one lose 17 points beating Doreed Rogers, Pat and Wilma by one point.

Chocolate went to Loraine,Denny, and Betty McGrath. Competition won by Loraine, Doreen Rogers, and Loraine again. Every one old and new players is welcome to come along to the Forbes youth and community centre on Wednesday afternoon names in 1.15pm for 1.30pm start.

-by Wilma Hepburn

Results Golf Croquet

There is nothing like three games of croquet and a birthday lunch at the Services club. Birthdays in June are Tony Thomson, John MacCullagh and Barry White who could not attend. The winners of three games on the day were John Allegri, Bruce Field, Bob Murray, Jill Rubie, Lyn Simmonds and Harley Stewart.

Due to the very welcome rain on Saturday, June 9 all games were cancelled.

Harley Stewart, Jeff Liebich 8, defeated Marj Styles, Lily Allegri 5. Bruce Field, Libby Smart 9, defeated Dorothea Croker, Ruth Cheney 4. Jill Rubie, Mary Hodges 7, defeated Nev Spry, Lorna Field 6. Alec Todd, Tony Thomson 7, defeated John Cole, Ken Styles 6. John Allegri, Kevin Rubie 8, defeated Merv Langfield, John Brown 5. Bob Murray, Veva MacCullagh 7, defeated Neville Morrison, Colleen Liebich 6. Lyn Simmonds, John MacCullagh 8, defeated Carol Slattery, Lorraine Todd 5. Robin Pols, Bill Scott 10, defeated Kathleen Broderick, Bill Little 3. Bruce Field, John Allegri 7, defeated Robin Pols, Ken Styles 6. Ruth Cheney, John Cole 7, defeated Lorraine Todd, Mary Hodges 6. Jill Rubie, Libby Smart 11, defeated Neville Morrison, Lily Allegri 2. Lyn Simmonds, Marj Styles 7, defeated Kevin Rubie, Neville Spry 6.Merv Langfield, John MacCullagh 10, defeated Jeff Liebich, Colleen Liebich 3. Harley Stewart, Bob Murray 10, defeated Carol Slattery, Bill Little 3. Dorothea Croker, Veva MacCullagh 9, defeated Lorna Field, Kathleen Broderick 4. Alec Todd, Tony Thomson 7, defeated Bill Scott, John Brown 6. Bill Scott, Dorothea Croker 7, defeated Libby Smart, Marj Styles 6. Jill Rubie,Lorna Field 10, defeated Mary Hodges, Neville Spry 3. Neville Morrison, Ken Styles 7, defeated Merv Langfield, Colleen Liebich 6. Bruce Field, Kathleen Broderick 9, defeated Ruth Cheney, John Brown 4. Harley Stewart 9, defeated Tony Thomson, Alec Todd 4. Lily Allegri, Bob Murray 8, defeated Lorraine Todd, John MacCullagh 5. Bill Little, John Allegri 8, defeated Jeff Liebich, Veva MacCullagh 5. Lyn Simmonds, Kevin Rubie 8, defeated John Cole, Carol Slattery 5.

-by Anne Stewart