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Lovely Lady: Anne Walker on the bowling greens. Social bowls as usual tomorrow, at 10am. Call the club between 9am and 9.30am. to enter your name. See you there.
Lovely Lady: Anne Walker on the bowling greens. Social bowls as usual tomorrow, at 10am. Call the club between 9am and 9.30am. to enter your name. See you there.

Women’s Bowling

A mostly sunny day saw the first game of the under 70s singles competition and three rinks of triples in social bowls.

In a closely contested game, Glenys Ryan was the winner against Lesley Dunstan, 25 to 20. A. Nixon, K. Toohey and L.Simmonds defeated J. Taylor, A. Cutcliffe and S. Priest. Score unknown.

P. Stevens, R. Mattiske and J. Waugh were defeated by P. Stevens ( swinger ), D. Williams and A. Mackay, 12 – 15. A. Allen, M. Everson and P. Hodson defeated P. Markey, A. Walker and C. Murray, 11 – 10. Winning Rink.  A. Nixon, K. Toohey and L. Simmonds.

Entries in the Veteran’s Singles close September 9. Goulburn Travelling Bowlers will be visiting on September 15-16.  As many locals as possible would be appreciated to welcome our visitors and help them enjoy their weekend. Our thanks to Jan and Ralph for their generous donation of fresh vegetables.

-by Pat Hodson


The Forbes Lachlan River Archers is back up and running. We have held two shoots in the past month and have had nine archers in attendance at both shoots, with some of the scores being.

Name, three arrow, one arrow and total score

  • Graeme Larkings 380, 380, 760, Geoff Henry 334q, 266, 600, Debbie Larkings 368, 294, 662, Rod Burke 312, 254, 566, Amber Burke 232, -, 232, Peter Haley 212, -, 212, Gerald Webb 330, 370, 700, Harry Neville 66, -, 66 and Elijah Brown 72, -, 72.

The Club holds its shoots on the second and fourth Sunday of the month, allowing archers to travel to two day shoots on the third weekend of each month. The next scheduled day is this Sunday, October 7.  The range is situated 18km from town on the Cowra Road (7170 Lachlan Valley Way).  Registration commences at 9am, practice at 9:30am and the shoot starts at 10am.  The Club has some bows/arrows available to people to trial the sport.  A canteen operates between the three arrow and one arrow rounds with bbq and soft drinks available for purchase.  Anyone wishing to try field archery should contact Rod Burke, Reinstated Club President on 6851 1027. Closed in footwear must be worn.

-by Carolyn Cornell


Tuesday’s Golf Croquet saw three players winning their three games. The pick of the bunch was one of our newest players Neville Spry.  Other winners were Elvy Quirk and Lyn Simmonds, well done girls. The birthday babies for September were Lorraine Todd, Merv Langfield, Kevin Rubie and John Brown. Good news from our two hospital patients, they are improving and hoped to be home on the weekend.

The Forbes Show did not deter the faithful who turned up for Saturday’s Aussie Croquet although there were some very quick departures, congratulations to those who won ribbons for their contributions to the show. The winners of Saturday’s games were John Cole, Dorothea Croker, Bruce and Lorna Field, Bob Murray and Alec Todd who all won three games each. Congratulations.

Results Golf Croquet Tuesday, September 4: Elvy Quirk, Neville Spry 8, defeated Carol Slattery, Alec Todd 5. Barry White, Ruth Cheney 7, defeated Joan Littlejohn, Bob Murray 6. Lyn Simmonds, Evelyn Mahlo 8, defeated Dorothea Croker, Marjorie Styles 5. Harley Stewart, John Allegri 10, defeated John H. Browne, Marie Spry 3. Merv Langfield, Robin Pols 8, defeated Mary Hodges, Lily Allegri 5. John Cole 7, defeated John Job 6. Bruce Field, Lorna Field 10, defeated Dorelle Scott, Kathleen Broderick 3. Elvy Quirk, Bruce Field 7, defeated Evelyn Mahlo, Robin Pols 6. Neville Spry, John Job 7, defeated Alec Todd, John Allegri 6. Dorelle Scott, Lorna Field 7, defeated Harley Stewart, Barry White 6. Merv Langfield, Bill Scott 7, defeated Joan Littlejohn, Kathleen Broderick 6. Lyn Simmonds, Mary Hodges 9, defeated John Cole, John MacCullagh 4. Libby Smart 9, defeated Carol Slattery 4. Ruth Cheney, Ken Styles 7, defeated Dorothea Croker, Lily Allegri 6. Marjorie Styles, John H. Browne 8, defeated Bob Murray, Marie Spry 5. Marie Spry, Neville Spry 7, defeated Joan Littlejohn, Merv Langfield 6. Dorelle Scott, Lily Allegri 9, defeated Evelyn Mahlo, Kathleen Broderick 4. Ken Styles, Mary Hodges 7, defeated Alec Todd, John Allegri 6. Lyn Simmonds, Carol Slattery 7, defeated Bob Murray, Ruth Cheney 6. Marjorie Styles, Dorothea Croker 8, defeated Harley Stewart, Barry White 5. Elvy Quirk, John H. Browne 8, defeated John Job, Lorna Field 5. Bill Scott 9, defeated Robin Pols 4.

Results Aussie Croquet Saturday, September 8: Bruce Field, John Cole 14, defeated Dorelle Scott, Anne Stewart 11. Barry White, Lorne Field 14, defeated Kevin Rubie, Lyn Simmonds 12. Lorraine Todd, Libby Smart 14, defeated Kathleen Broderick, Harley Stewart 12. Jill Rubie, Roslyn Rennick 14, defeated Merv Langfield, Judy Ellis 13. Bill Scott, Dorothea Croker 14, defeated John MacCullagh, Doreen Rogers 8. Bob Murray, Alec Todd 14, defeated Joan Littlejohn, John Allegri 13. Dorelle Scott, Barry White 14, defeated Lyn Simmonds, Kathleen Broderick 9. Kevin Rubie, Libby Smart 14, defeated John MacCullagh, Cherylin Cole 10. Merv Langfield 14, defeated Lorraine Todd, Judy Ellis 10. Jill Rubie, Dorothea Croker 14, defeated Doreen Rogers, Anne Stewart 9. Bob Murray, Alec Todd 14, defeated Harley Stewart, Joan Littlejohn 11. Lorna Field, John Cole 14, defeated Roslyn Rennick, John Allegri 11. Bruce Field 14, defeated Bill Scott 11. Dorelle Scott, Bruce Field 14, defeated Libby Smart, Jill Rubie 9. Bob Murray, Alec Todd 14, defeated Bill Scott, Roslyn Rennick 11. John Cole, Doreen Rogers 14, defeated Lorraine Todd, Harley Stewart 11. Judy Ellis, Lorna Field 14, defeated Barry White, Anne Stewart 11. Dorothea Croker, Merv Langfield 14, defeated John MacCullagh 11. Lyn Simmonds, Joan Littlejohn 14, defeated Cherylin Cole, Kathleen Broderick 10. Kevin Rubie 14, defeated John Allegri 11


By Drop Shot

Wednesday night, September 5, began week 4 of our Spring Comp. Of the twelve matches only one five set match was seen but competition was keen. Sarah Jane Miller fought back against Pat Cormie 15–11 in the second set but lost the next two, 11–15 and 10–15. Michelle Bentick lost the second set 14–16 to Ellie Cowhan but won the next two, 15–8 and 15–6. Ethan Stewart won his second set 16–14 against sub Henry Kross lost the third but went on to win the last two, 15–6 and 15–10. Team results were: Court One; Allegris (9) lost to Coombs (18) Brendon beat Graham 3–0, C Cogswell lost to A Bayley 0–3, S J Miller lost to P Cormie 1–3, sub G Falvey lost to H Toole 0–3.

Court Two; Hennocks (17) defeated Wallaces (11) Jake beat Will 3–0, M Bentick beat sub E Cowan 3–1, H Kross beat C Toole 3–1,G Falvey lost to J Barnard 0–3. Court Three; Roachs (12) lost to Tooles (16) Nathan beat Neil 3–0, M O’Shannessy lost to K Cormie 0–3, E Stewart beat H Kross 3–2, T Cormie lost to B Barnard 0–3.

On Thursday evening only six of the21 matches were five setters so players were in to win. Dave Hodges took set one 20–18 from Mark Webb, lost the next 9–15 but then kept winning, 15–9 and 15–8. Mark’s brother Scott Webb won his first set 16–14 and second 15–10 but lost the third 14–16 then returned to form taking the fourth set, 15–9 for the win over John Betland. Alex Doyle won his first two sets against Brendon Allegri 18–16 and 15–11 only to lose the next two, 11–15, 11–15. But Alex was determined winning set five 15–9.

Team Results Were: Court One; Pipers (28) defeated Hornerys (22) Darryn beat Sam 3–0, P Cowhan lost to M Doyle 0–3, D Hodges beat M Webb 3–1, G Coombs beat K Nightingale 3–0, T King lost to I Bernardi 2–3, sub Rowan Madge lost to Lara Stibbard 0–3, R Madge beat E Bennets 3–0. Court Two; Dawes (25) defeated Millers (24) Oli beat Lockie 3–0, C McQuie beat C Ridley 3–2, S Webb beat J Betland 3–1, A Gordon beat W Wallace 3–2, L Webb lost to S Allegri 0–3, E Cowhan lost to S Mackay 1–3, N McCaig lost to G Falvey 2–3. Court Three; Doyles (18) lost to Allegris (31) Alex beat Brendon 3–2, sub C McQuie lost to D Bayley 0–3, P Thompson lost to D Haynes, 2–3, G Nightingale beat Br Thomas 3–0, M Bayley lost to Bl Thomas 0–3, H Dobell lost to sub L Godden 1–3, E Allegri lost to L Godden 0–3.

Veteran Golf

Only a small field of 23 players for last Thursday's Forbes/Parkes 12 holes veterans golf competition where Geoff Drane from Forbes won from fellow club member Alf Davies (runner-up) and Parkes representative Casasa Belley. All scored 25 points.

Bradman award went to Alex McKinnon while nearest the pins were won by, 1st second shot, Peter Barnes (F) in A grade, B grade Frank Hanns (F), 18th A grade  Alf Davies (F), B grade David Williams (F).

Ball sweep to 23 points, 25 Casasa Belley (P), 24 Ted Morgan (F), Frank Hanns (F), 23 Tony Cogswell (F), David Williams (F), Roy Bell (P).

Parkes with only five representatives were given a 'touch-up' as the best six scores from each club are used in the Miller Shield going down 10-9 to Forbes' tally of 144. Thursday's play will be in Parkes from 1pm over 12 holes before Lachlan Valley vets gather at Grenfell the following week for the monthly 18 hole competition.

Eighteen players last Tuesday for the weekly 12 hole competition where revised mid-week handicaps keep all interested. Best last week was Frank Donohue with a massive 35 points from Geoff Drane on 34.

Tuesday golf on again today with ball toss at 9.30am for playing partners, all welcome and that includes ladies. For more information call Pro Shop on 6851 1554.

-by Short Putts Mate

SSAA Pistol Club

September 8 a Precision Pistol Match was shot in extremely windy conditions. Seven shooters were in attendance: Anthony Ragg, Ian Halls, Pam Parsons, Wayne Parsons, Craig Mills and we welcomed new member Rick Radburn.  Peter Brown was Range Officer for the shoot.

Craig Mills was the outright winner of the day, with Radburn showing great potential, we look forward to seeing him on a regular basis.

Members are advised that the AGM will be held at the range on Saturday, October 6 at 1pm.

If you would like more information contact Peter Brown 0403 082 045 or Wayne Parsons on 0419 276 469.  Lady shooters and juniors (12 years and over) are welcome. The next shoot is September 22 at 1:30pm.

-by Peter Brown