Restockers show at small yarding

A total 15,800 sheep and lambs were yarded at Tuesday's sale.
A total 15,800 sheep and lambs were yarded at Tuesday's sale.

Tuesday’s sheep and lamb sale 

Yarding 15800 Change -15750 Lambs 8980

Change -12770 Sheep 6820 Change -2980

Numbers halved this sale with both lamb and mutton showing the decrease. Lamb quality was similar to that of previous sales with both well finished and plainer lambs penned. Trade weights made up the majority of the offering. Most of the usual buyers were present along with competition from restockers in a cheaper market.

Light lambs to restockers sold from $82 to $136/head. Trade weight new season lambs eased $4, to sell from $145 to $175/head. Old light lambs eased $8 to sell from $115 to $140/head. Trade weights were also $8 easier to range in price from $142 to $182/head. The few heavy lambs penned sold from $162 to $214/head. Carcase prices averaged from 702c to 739c/kg cwt.

Mutton numbers were made up of mostly Merinos and quality was very mixed. Prices were fair with light Merino ewes selling from $62 to $96/head. Medium and heavy weights ranged in price from $98 to $146/head. Crossbred ewes sold from $99 to $148 and Merino wethers received from $105 to $150/head.

Monday’s cattle sale

Yarding 1140 Change -602

Numbers decreased this sale and quality continues to be very mixed. There were some good lines of supplementary fed finished cattle offered, along with the plainer secondary types. Yearlings made up the majority of the offering. The market was fairly steady and fluctuated with quality.

Yearling steers to processors held firm to receive from 270c to 310c/kg. Those to feed sold from 270c to 319c for middle weights and from 270c to 313c/kg for the heavies.

The heifer portion to processors also held fairly steady to make from 260c to 300c/kg. Those to feed received from 220c to 287c/kg.

Heavy steers and bullocks were firm to make from 265c to 296c/kg. Grown heifers received from 235c to 272c/kg. Heavy 2 scores sold from 180c to 217c and 3 scores received from 218c to 234c/kg.

Information provided by Meat and Livestock Australia’s National Livestock Reporting Service.