Sixes summer golf competition is on a roll

The first two rounds of the Forbes Golf Club Summer Sixers competition have seen many startling results, some of which may have come too soon.

But the new format, where there are three groups of 10 teams, will see some really good grudge matches in the second half.

After two rounds there are some signs of good form in each Pool.

Pool 1 sees Hit n Miss take an early lead ahead of Poker Face, F Troop and Bushrangers. These four teams are undefeated at this early stage. Duffers, South Leaders and Below Par are yet to score a point.

Pool 2 is led by Forbes Toyota, who is the only undefeated team here. There is a brace of teams on one win, while Bush Divas are following all the rest.

Pool 3 has joint leaders in Cobblers Crew and Wanna Wac Em. There are followed by a bunched group, with Postie Top Six and Kool Kats trailing behind.

But there is a long way to go yet and once the days improve, the mozzies disappear and the course dries there will be some fun-loving golfers out there.

The best scores over the two rounds include – Members: Elizabeth Ridley (24), Robert Scott (25.5) and Don Ridley (29), while for the Non-members it was: Tom Norris (24), Harry Jones (29) and Trudy Mallick (30).

For those new players competing, make sure you are aware of the rules. And for those returning players, make sure you brush up on the rules.

Once things settle down (there were some issues in getting the new format results calculated) and each of the teams gets into a rhythm of play through the week, the results will be easily published with more detail.

But for now be content that you are out there, that the ball keeps rolling and so far the handicaps have not been too badly affected. Keep swinging and above all enjoy yourselves.