Men’s Shed construction milestones

Construction on the Forbes Men’s Shed’s new home on a Union Street block is continuing at a good pace with work on the amenities well on track.

Men’s Shed president Norm Haley said they are progressing well with the construction and hope to begin work on the interior walls and gyprock by the end of the month.

Currently work is focused around the amenities space which includes an office space, store rooms, dining room and kitchen as well as disabled access toilet.

The new men’s shed will measure 38m by 16m, with room for the woodwork and restoration projects the group undertakes as well as for socialising.

Mr Haley said they’ll be continuing on some exterior work soon, which includes fencing and work on the entrances.

The construction of the Men’s Shed’s new home hasn’t stopped the community group from working, with members completing projects and working out of their current home at the Showground.

Mr Haley said the Men’s Shed’s new home is being built with future generations in mind and is aiming to encourage new people to join.

There is no current estimate for when the purpose-built facility will be up and running, but Mr Haley said they want the Shed to be available for community use when it is complete.

“We want the community to know it’s here and to be used,” he said.

Mr Haley said the Men’s Shed is about more than just work, but is about mateship and giving people a place to socialise.

“Anybody who wants to join the Men’s Shed is welcome to.”