Letter to the editor: bridges

The Swinging Bridge. Photo Pictorial Forbes.
The Swinging Bridge. Photo Pictorial Forbes.

Well thank Rob Willis for his stories that he brings us, yes I remember the swinging Bridge over the River at South Lead.

I remember walking over it just once and being pretty scared. Years later when I was on Council I approached the Reserve Army through Piper Brian Tisdell to come and rebuild it as a wonderful training exercise for the reservists and a wonderful tourist attraction for Forbes. 

Sadly my idea was skittled by a sitting Councillor and a close property owner who did not want people using the lane ...as they might cause damage to his property even though the lane is a designated public laneway. 

The big wooden posts are still standing there and I still believe it would be a wonderful Historic Tourist attraction for our community. The bridge was used greatly to get fruit and vegies and people into Forbes.

If we are to grow we must have and believe in those who have the vision for our community. 

Dianne Decker AM JP, Forbes