Forbes golfing goodness | Mighty medal moments.

Well Played: John Zannes, Rob Webb and Peter Tisdell all smiles after finishing their Monthly medal round.
Well Played: John Zannes, Rob Webb and Peter Tisdell all smiles after finishing their Monthly medal round.

Once again the weekend promised much with good weather and good golfing conditions. Many of the Forbes golfers seemed over-awed by this but there were some mighty moments among all their efforts, as well as some hiccups when the course bit back.

Saturday's competition was the Monthly Medal, sponsored by Terry Bros Carpets. The fairways felt like comfortable pile and the greens were like carpet which made for good scoring overall.

There were 58 in the field, which encouraged many to think they had a good chance with the lower numbers, but it all depended on their individual play.

The A grade was won by Dave Mylecharane, who was in the first group of the day, playing alongside a couple of Parkes visitors.

They seemed to encourage each other but Dave had the last laugh with his 71 nett, on count-back. It was not until the last group of the day that the runner-up was decided.

This went to Andrew Dukes who played more clinical golf, but had a lesser handicap.The B grade was torn asunder by the mighty efforts of Doug Churchill. His birdie on the second was countered by a double-bogey on the fifth but otherwise he played below his handicap to win the Grade with a 69 nett.

Michael Spice, also in the last group, seemed to be inspired by Andrew Dukes, returning with a 71 nett but had to be content with being a bridesmaid again. The C graders played very much to their handicaps, with the top scorers separated by count back.

The winner was Bruce Squires who battled well to counter a couple of 8's on his card and finish on 72 nett. Runner-up was visitor Rowan Fessey who also had a couple of unfortunate holes in his 72 nett. The hapless also-ran was Hamish Steel-Park, but he did get a ball.

The ball sweep went to 74 nett on count back: 69 - D Churchill; 71 - D Mylecharane, A Dukes, M Spice; 72 - M McGlashan, R Webb, S Sallaway, B Squires, E Gaffney, R Fessey, T Griffiths, M Cahill; 73 - N Duncan, P Dawson; 74 - H Steel-Park. The NTP's went to: ninth - G Collits; 18th - S Sallaway.

Neither got their twos, which were pretty scarce as there were only three scored, one by an A grader and two by B-graders, and each on separate holes. The classiest was that by Terry 'Tornado' Griffiths on the third.

It happened so quickly that his partners almost missed it. It is interesting to observe how Club golf can very often emulate actions on the professional circuits in the PGA, EPGA and Australasian PGA.

Par-5's are often seen as an opportunity to 'gain shots on the field'. Dave Mylecharane played the par-fives in par, while Andrew Dukes played them in two-under.

Another fine golfer, Shane Sallaway, had more birdies on holes other than the par-fives than other players, but played the par-fives, in his own words - not good.

His two-over on those holes cancelled out the birdies on other holes resulting in a Par-72 round. Stevie G tried to emulate a recent shot performed adequately by Tiger Woods. Stevie found his ball under a conifer tree down the right side of the tenth.

So, he got on his knees, fashioned a flat looping swing whilst peering between the foliage, and connected smoothly with the ball. This sent the ball skilfully between two trees slightly ahead and into the clear.

It was immaculately undertaken. Unfortunately his next shot wasn't as he guessed his wedge and rocketed the ball across the green, where it finished up under another tree. Oh well, c'est la vie.

The American player Bubba Watson is renowned for fabricating shots. He is perhaps best known for the curving shot from out among the trees at Augusta that found the green and ultimately led to him winning the event.

Jeff Haley was among the trees on the 12th and being a left-hander like Bubba thought he may do the same.

Jeff shaped up to his ball and struck it well. It flew low but rising, until it struck the tree in front and rebounded almost to the divot hole ha had just made.

Jeff barely needed to move his feet to play his next shot that did get onto the fairway.

Among the groups that play in the comp there is usually a 'side wager' for first drinks, a Medallion or Keno, or even some champagne.

This creates some intense battles, with varying degrees of success by pairs, a range of both winning and losing scores, and ultimately a plethora of stories.

One such story occurred last weekend.

A pair were playing well, even working to cover each other when either of them had a bad hole.

Then after 12 holes they were looking good, being five-up with six to play.

But then inexplicably their opponents seemed to have a monopoly on good luck.

The 'other pair' seemed to find the trees often but just as often managed to extricate from trouble, play a formidable shot and end up winning the hole. The lead soon diminished as hole by hole the 'other pair' fought back.

Finally, it all ended on the 18th when the hole was won capping off a marvellous comeback to win the last six holes.

Max Haley was keen to tell everybody in the Golfie (non-golfers included) about his and Jeff's success, while the hapless vanquished pondered how it had happened.

Yep, Stevie G and Paul Kay were solemn as they gazed into their sparkling sodas.

The Stableford Medley on Sunday was once again well supported with a good group of players, somewhat diminished by the commitment of players to the Summer Super Sixes Grand Final.

There were also a number of visitor, tuning up for the Vets Week of Golf. The winner was Brett Byrnes from Condo with a tidy 38 points. The runner-up was Peter Jackson of Coffs Harbour on 36 points.

Two very good rounds by these visiting players. The best Forbes player was Neil McMillan on 35 points, no doubt showing good sportsmanship by allowing the others to win.

Unfortunately there was no ball sweep. And the NTP's were also a bit shy. On the 9th it was Alf Davies, who got his '2', while on the 18th everybody missed the green.

The ASI Capital-sponsored Summer Super Sixes Grand Final was held on Sunday afternoon.

The winners from each of the three Pool Finals were directed to the back-nine.

A full report is provided separately, but the winners were 'Cobblers Crew', runners-up were 'Still Trying' and gallant also-rans were 'Hot to Pop'.

Another successful summer comp, which will be supported again next year by the newly badged ASI Capital.

Here's the news

The Forbes Vets 'Week of Golf', has been played through this week with nominations exceeding 120 players. There is still play today so results will be advised next week. But a consistent comment by the visitors is to congratulate the course staff on such an excellent course.

Most were expecting a dry dustbowl but have been very surprised by the grass cover and thrilled with the overall condition.

Assistant Golf Pro Adrian Lees began work this week, using the Vets Week of Golf to introduce himself to many of the Forbes members.

While primarily being based at Parkes, he is looking forward to interacting with Forbes players during comp events and as he develops the group coaching for Juniors and Ladies.

We welcome Adrian as an extension of the golf expertise being developed by Head Pro Ben. The Winter 3's competition commences next week, on April 15.

This is a similar format to the Summer Sixes, but is still very much a socially-oriented competition, so get a team entered now. Team nomination forms are available at the Pro Shop.

Keep those sales of the Golf Cart raffle continuing. Sell them quickly and get your new cart zipping around the course. Grab a ticket from the Pro Shop, the Golfie, or during any event at the Club.

Programme Changes

A reminder to all players about the change in the Programme for Mens and Ladies. The 27-Hole Mixed Foursomes Championships will now be held on Sunday 28 April.

And the Forbes Mens Open will now be held on the weekend of 18, 19 May and not the 11, 12 May, with events originally scheduled for those dates to now be played on 11, 12 Mat.

Note also that this weekend there are: The AAA Cap, which is to be played on Sunday, April 14 with contenders teeing off between 10am and 10:30am. The NSW Veterans Sand Green Mixed 4BBB Championships will be held at Grenfell on April 13-14.

Crystal Ball Time

Saturday, April 13 is an 18-Hole Par event, sponsored by the Forbes Tuesday Golfers. Sunday, April 14 is the Stableford Medley as well as the AAA Cup, sponsored by AAA Septic Services.

April 19-22 is the Easter break with the Hawke Trophy and the 27-hole 2B Ambrose scheduled, along with Stableford Medleys. Then on April 25 there is a Stableford Medley.

Also note that the Forbes Ladies Open is set for Sunday, May 5. The course will be closed for this event, but interested persons are welcome to come and watch some good golf being played.

Short Putt

Ladies Golf

The presentation night on Sunday for the sixes competition was a great event and such a close result but there can only be one winner and congratulations to two of our lady members that were part of that team, Colleen Bratton and Pat Jones.

We are all wishing our Pennants Team good Luck for Monday when they play Canowindra.

The new assistant Pro has arrived in town, Adrian Lees 35 years old who has had four years at Royal Canberra and has now chosen Forbes to further the Junior and Ladies golfer programs.

Forbes golfers are so lucky to have this opportunity to get started and improve their game.

Saturday, April 6 Stroke, Monthly Medal and Putting Competition was sponsored by Achesons Timber and Hardware in two Divisions. Division One winner was Colleen Venables on 71 and Division Two Jill Cripps 69. Ball Sweep went to R Lyell, J Hodge,J Hubbard (76).

NTP ninth H Davidson and 18th E Coombs. Heather won the putting comp with 29. Monthly Medal Winners were Judy Hodge(75) Division 1, Jill Cripps 68 Division 2 and Lyn Kennedy(83) Division 3.

On Wednesday, April 10 Flannerys Pharmacy sponsored a Stableford round with Robin Lyell winning Division 1 with 35 on a countback with Fleur Wells winning Division 2 with 36.

NTP ninth Colleen Venables and 18th Bess Shields. Ball Sweep to K Stirling, B Gerdes, B Shields(33).

Well done to all the winners. Coming up on Saturday is a Stableford in One Division sponsored by Metro Hair with Julie on cards. Sunday West Wylong Tournament is on which is always a good day out.

Wednesday, April 17 is Stableford sponsored by McFeeters Museum in two Divisions with Sally C on cards. Due to the Easter break coming up the deadlines for our news is going to be tricky.

The results for next week will appear after Easter. Please Note On Wednesday, April 24 3BBB Shot Gun Start 8.30am for 9am o'clock hit off.

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