Perfect score for Morely on two shoots

Des Shead taking part in a five stand shoot.

Des Shead taking part in a five stand shoot.

Results of the Forbes S.S.A.A. sporting shooters .22 calibre rimfire rifle shoot held on Wednesday, September 4. The weather was warm with a breeze from south south west at 14kph.

Range officers: Brian Neilsen and John Dean. Scorer: John Dean.

25metre Buffalo target shoot: Ken Morley, 270/270; Paul Baker, 269/270; Ian Keene, 268/270; John Dean, 268/270; Wayne Facey, 267/270; Wayne Burton, 266/270; Dennis Finn, 263/270; Greame Freney, 253/270; Brian Neilsen, 247/270; Lionel Redfern,245/270; Anthony Bratton, 208/270; Jennie Carpenter, 199/270 and Max Vincent shot practice only.

50metre Rabbit target shoot: Ken Morley, 100/100; John Dean, 98/100; Paul Baker, 98/100; Lionel Redfern, 98/100; Dennis Finn, 97/100; Ian Keene, 96/100; Greame Freney, 96/100; Wayne Burton, 96/100; Brian Neilsen, 95/100; Jennie Carpenter, 94/100; Anthony Bratton, 82/100 and Max Vincent shot practice only.

75metre Fly target shoot: Ken Morley, 114/120; John Dean, 108/120; Paul Baker, 104/120; Ian Keene, 102/120; Brian Neilsen, 97/120; Jennie Carpenter, 95/120; Dennis Finn, 94/120; Anthony Bratton, 86/120 and Greame Freney, 75/120.

100metre Bear target shoot: John Dean, 108/110; Paul Baker, 104/110; Anthony Bratton, 94/110; Brian Neilsen, 93/110 and Greame Freney, 91/110.

Results of the monthly shoot on Sunday, September 8. The weather was cold with a strong south westerly wind gusting between 18kph to 25kph.

75 target non graded field shoot: Mathew Dent (Fbs) 24-19-23 total 66; David Mitton (Fbs) 22-18-21 total 61; Ben Smith (Fbs) 19-19-21 total 59; Leigh Dridan (Conodoblin) 15-20-12 total 47; Phil Cleal (Fbs) 12-16-18 total 46; Bruce Dent (Fbs) 19-13-14 total 46; Des Shead (Fbs) 12-17-14 total 43; Brett Horan (Fbs) 6-6-11 total 23 and Adrian Hodges (Fbs) 21 total 21

The next shoot for the sporting clay's will be the two day shoot on Saturday, October 12. This shoot will be a 75 target non graded handicap five stand shoot starting at 4pm. On Sunday, October 13, a 75 target non graded field shoot at 9:30 am.

For information on clay target shooting contact Norm Brook on 0458664541, Tony Bratton on 68523349 or Ben Smith on 0427524151.

Anyone wishing to obtain a long arm firearm licence can contact Wayne Facey on 0414524059, Norm Brook or Tony Bratton.

The next sporting shooters .22 calibre and other rimfire rifle (.22 magnum or .17HMR). The next Sunday shoot will be on September 15 at 10am. The next Wednesday shoot will be on September 18 at 3pm.

Anyone wishing try rifle or shotgun shooting can take part after filling out a P650 form. Junior shooters must be 12 years or over.

The new 200 metre centre-fire range will be ready when all the work is finished, the benches are put in and the range has been approved.

For information on .22 calibre rimfire shooting contact Wayne Facey, Norm Brook or Ben Smith.