Forbes Horticultural and Garden Club news

The year has almost flown by again and the festive season is almost upon us.

It has once again been a busy year for us with many and varied speakers at our meetings which have been capably organized by Janette Thomas. Many thanks Janette.

Our last meeting and final meeting for the year was held at the home of Tuppy Drabsch and as there was not much to discuss other than the success of the Open Gardens which was again outstanding and those who offered their gardens put in that little extra effort to present them well even in the grips of the drought. It was great to see that at least two of the gardens belonged to gentlemen.

Our Christmas luncheon will be held at the Forbes Inn on Tuesday 26th November 12 o'clock for 12.30 lunch at a cost of $40.00 per person which includes a two course meal with Christmas cake as well. Those wishing still to book may do so by contacting Alison Lockhart on 0268 512525 no later than tomorrow 20th November.

I have also been told that our speaker at the luncheon will be Penny Carlisle who will brief us on what their plans are for their new home which was previously known as "Ford House" and was what the Nurses of yesteryear called home and later a home for visiting specialists etc has since been purchased privately with the owners having great plans for its future.

The executive positions will all become vacant in 2020 and we are asking members to please be prepared to take on one of these roles if you want the club to continue. A lot of effort has been put in for many years and it would be a shame to see it fold. I believe that Tuppy Drabsch is most definite and certain that she is not seeking re-election and we thank her for all her efforts over the years.

Have a safe and holy Christmas and thank you to our Executive, the Committee and members for all their valued help during 2019.

This Mr Lincoln rose in beautiful bloom.

This Mr Lincoln rose in beautiful bloom.