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Cricket resumes

The Forbes and District cricket competition resumes this Saturday after a Christmas break.


By Short Putt's Mate

Golf is game which some just can't stay away from, they have to have a hit no matter what.

Classic example was last Saturday when the temperature was well over 100 in the old scale yet 55 played, admittedly early in the day.

The day's event was the Monthly Medal sponsored by one of the club's favourite sons, Linden Byrne.

While some were happy with their rounds others must of felt the heat as scores overall were not quite up to past weeks.

A grade winner was Alf Davies (handicap eight) on a count-back from John Zannes (9), both on 73 nett.

For Alf, 40 on the front nine and 41 on the back, birdies came at the sixth, 12th and 15th holes while he wouldn't have been so happy with double bogies at the 11th and 13th holes.

John was strong over the front nine with three bogies for 39.

However double bogies at the 17th and 18th killed his chance of a medal win with 43 on the way home.

In B grade Greg Webb who figured strongly in weekly wins last year started 2020 like a champion with 39 on the front nine highlighted by birdies at the 2nd and 6th however double bogies at the tenth, 15th and 16th resulted in a back nine of 44 for 69 nett.

The 'fastest gun in the west', Ted Morgan, was consistent with two nines of 44 noting a couple of double bogies matched by a brilliant birdie at the 16th for 70 nett.

Damien Kennedy was feared on the rugby league field, that it is now being carried over to the golf course taking out C grade with the best score of the day, 68 nett.

Two nines consistent of 47, 45, however it could have been better except for a nine at the 6th than an eight at the 7th.

Runner-up, Frank Hanns with 71 nett on a count-back scored 49 on the front nine then 50 on the back.

Frank had a mixture but used his handicap to advantage, that's what its all about (read on).

Lowlights, six on the first, five on the third, seven on the seventh, six on the 11th, 12th, 14th and 17th. In between a seven on the 15th.

Beaten on a count-back were Jack Dobell and Les Little, both had similar rounds to that of Frank with several missed chances to figure in the money.

Ball sweep to 74 nett on a count-back - Damien Kennedy 68, Greg Webb 69, Ted Morgan 70, Jack Dobell (handicap 27) 71, Stuart French (13) 71, Frank Hanns 71, Les Little (29) 71, Barry Parker (14) 73, Garry Collits (18) 73, Adam Currey (13) 73, Alf Davies 73, John Zannes 73, Ken Sanderson (11) 74, Peter Dawson (2) 74, Kim Herbert (8) 74.

Nearest the pins 9th Phil Duke, 18th David Mylecharane.

Away from the course it has to be mentioned that five well known regular players failed to sign their cards on Saturday. Simple, no sign, no chance of a win.

Events coming up

Saturday, stroke sponsored by Rob Allen Livestock, Sunday stableford medley.

Saturday 18th, Lefties vs Righties sponsored by club captain Steve Grallelis, Saturday 25th, 2-club ambrose sponsored by Cahills Footwear.

Also on the horizon, April 19th a 3-person $1000 ambrose. Couple of stats for the day, 9.30am shot gun start, maximum handicaps, men 27, ladies 36, combined handicap 60 per team, only one single figure handicap per team, four drives per player.

More detail from the Pro Shop on 6851 1554 or email

There are plenty of weekly opportunities to have a hit with Summer Sixes, Tuesday 12 hole social play then of course the Forbes/Parkes 12 hole Vets every Thursday.

Again, you can get more detail from the Pro Shop.

All golfers are asked to help keep the course in condition we are used to, the best possible, by repairing green pitch marks and fairway and tee marker divots.

It's not that hard, take bucket of sand and use accordingly.

Pro tips

Today we are going to look at some simple messages from our resident club professional, the highly skilled and approachable Ben Gear in the hope of improving your game.

We asked Ben what can most/all golfers do to improve their handicap in 2020, this was his reply - for before, during and after play.

1st - Hit some balls on the range or even the practice nets before you play, it's likely your 1st to 4th hole scores will improve straight up!

How often we hear the line, "I hit the ball pretty good once I started to warm up !" Try it BEFORE you start playing.

2nd - Keep the swing compact and stop that ugly overswing!

Always love the Pro Shop conversation which starts with "Geez I drove the ball 300 on the 17th........but made double."

Try to swing all your clubs at 80% and stay controlled and balanced. Consistency and score will be sure to improve.

3rd - Possible tip of the year alert! Drop the putter from around the green and try the hybrid or 3 wood......why?

Loft! It skims the ground rather than bounce and consistency and control will improve.

4th Struggling with alignment? Find an intermediate target 15cms in front of your ball on every shot, line the club up first, and then do your feet and shoulders.

5th With putting and chipping, keep the backswing contained, if it gets too long.....kiss consistency and distance control good bye.

6th Men's and ladies clinics are coming soon so keep on the lookout, they are well priced and will definitely help your game...

Make 2020 your best golfing year!

Go and have a drink or a feed over at the Golfie after the day's play, the guys are doing a great job getting the place going again and food is excellent!