Plate to your paddock: loaded trucks bound for Forbes

There's 20 truckloads of assistance bound for Forbes farmers this month.

Our Plate to Their Paddock was started by 16-year-old Tahlia Grace, a Glenorrie girl with a passion for the outback.

Deeply impacted by images of the drought, she told her mum Simone she wished she could help.

The pair planned a weekend getaway to a country community, figuring they would stay and eat local and maybe buy a new dress in the town.

But since they have a little truck, they thought they'd ask their Facebook friends if they'd like to send anything along with them.

The response was incredible. Our Plate to Their Paddock was born.

They've now got a registered charity and 18 trucks already loaded with hay, stock feed pellets, salt licks, chook food, bottled water, hampers and more ready for a road trip to Forbes on the Australia Day long weekend.

Now all they need is for farmers to accept the generosity of their metropolitan cousins.

Simone says it's amazing how many people, facing the toughest of circumstances, are sure someone else must need the help more.

Their message to our farming community is please, accept this heart-felt gesture.

"We're a registered charity but this isn't charity," Simone said.

It's more like a hug, or a hand on your shoulder.

"It's a drop in the ocean," Simone said. "But it's our way of saying we love you, we're here for you, we care."

Registration is vital and you'll need to collect on the Australia day weekend.

Please contact Stevie Jackson on 0431 841 865 or Ben Jackson on 0410 217 037.

From our plate to their paddock ... the team on the road.

From our plate to their paddock ... the team on the road.