GOLF | Elvis hits the golf course

It's now or never: 'Elvis' Cahill with Peter Nixon, Phil Maher and Brian Everest at the Forbes Golf Course. Photo: CONTRIBUTED

It's now or never: 'Elvis' Cahill with Peter Nixon, Phil Maher and Brian Everest at the Forbes Golf Course. Photo: CONTRIBUTED

IN what seemed a blessing with cooler conditions, the Forbes golfers enjoyed themselves and welcomed the presence, once again, of an iconic Elvis figure among the field.

However, while he may be able to sing his golf was not all that good. The men's competition on Saturday was an 18-hole Stroke event, sponsored by Rob Allen's Livestock Transport. The field of 66 congregated in two groups, early starters and late starters, with a small brigade floating around the middle.

The A-Division winner was Jacob Bernardi, whose 70 nett came off the back of some lusty hitting, although he did strike trouble on three of the par-5's, scoring bogeys and double-bogeys.

A few pars there would have made his score look even better. Runner-up on count back was Digit McAuliffe, also on 70.

Digit had his best round for quite a while, despite a double bogey to start. His sub-40's on each half puts him near to the 'legend' bracket.

The B-division players also enjoyed good scoring. The winner was Alby Callaghan with a 67 nett. Runner-up was Allan Rees, another who also turned his recent form around. Al also feel victim to a couple of the par-5's, but otherwise did okay.

The ball sweep went to 73 nett on count back: 67 - A Callaghan; 70 - J Bernardi, D McAuliffe; 71 - J Dobell, F Hanns, P Cowhan; 72 - B Robinson, G Falvey, B Hodges, L Little, J Cutler, D Rhodes, R Smith, G Drane; 73 - K Sanderson, E Gaffney.

The NTP's went to: 9th - J Betland; 18th - B Robinson.

The 2's were quite scarce, with five being scored overall. Johnny managed his, slotting his birdie putt from about 8 inches, but Ben missed his.

Les Little was very pleased with his '2' on the 18th, slotted from quite a range.

The 17th hole seemed to be a particular problem. Al Rees was one to leave a putt short there, but this time he only had 6 inches to go. He left it short by 2 inches! Div 2 winner Alby had the opposite problem on that hole. He arrived at the green after four shots and had a shortish downhill putt for his '5'. But it slipped by and kept going down the slope.

After three more putts he managed an '8', seemingly to damage his card for the day. Damien Kennedy decided to emulate a moment that involved Sergio Garcia. Damien's tee shot on the 1st veered right and cannoned into the first big gum.

He and partners searched underneath but could not see the ball, but then Clint Hurford spotted the ball caught among some branches high above their heads. Not being as agile as Sergio, Damien did not climb the tree but instead took an unplayable lie.

Jacob Bernardi had a spot of luck to start his round. His tee shot on the 1st zipped towards the OB fence, looking to settle into the motel. However, it struck a steel post and rebounded into the fairway, from where he was able to get up and down for a '4'. That really set his day going.

Anthony Alley had a similar event on the 6th, where a steel post stopped his ball from going OB. These posts are useful, but only if you hit them. Greg Webb's second shot on the 7th sailed too high to hit a post, ensuring he went OB and thus recorded an unfortunate '8'.

Mother nature can do both good and bad. A good thing assisted Bruce Chandler. His chip on the 16th ran to the hole and sat on the very edge. Bruce turned around to return his club to his bag, then started towards the hole. He could not see his ball, then realised the wind had blown it into the hole, You beauty! But a not-so-good happening was the result of striking trees. Anthony Alley seemed to strike many trees during his round, and in every case the ball came backwards towards him.

Not once did it careen into the fairway for a good break, but instead he had a testing shot, time and again. He covered some ground, which meant that his passport was well stamped by the time he got to the hole. Barry Shine was well pleased to show his younger opponents a thing or two. Despite giving 30 years away to Dan Bayley and Jacob Bernardi, he held his own in the driving stakes, even out-driving them on the 7th and 15th holes. Ray Taylor also showed his younger partners a thing or two. Unfortunately it was how to skull chips, or 4-putt greens. Not the best of skills.

The Sunday Stableford Medley once again had a good field of 12, with golfers out there either early or late, but all enjoying their play. The winner was a late starter, in the form of Digit McAuliffe who managed 41 points. He carried his form over from Saturday, playing very tidy golf except for the 12th hole where he did not score any points. But he had numerous 3-pointers to make up for it. Runner-up was an early starter, being Barb Drabsch with 36 points. Barb was a bit rusty, but managed to cope with the slower greens.

The ball sweep went to 35 points, on count back and going to: Bruce Carpenter, nudging out Peter Barnes. The NTP's, sponsored by GWS, went to: 9th - D McAuliffe; 18th - G Webb. Neither got their '2', but Gregg was pleased as it helped quell his ill feeling after a less than satisfactory round..

Here is the news:

The 2020 CWDGA Pennants, commence on 2nd Feb with the first round being played at Duntryleague for our Div 2 - 4 teams, whereas the Div 1 team plays at Dubbo.

The Div 1 team plays a points 'first past the post' format, while the other Divisions play as before. Please advise Ben or Stevie G if you are willing to play.

The 2020 Programme Book is in the hands of the printer, and hopefully will be available in early Feb. A Programme for Feb will be displayed in the Pro Shop. Also remember that the 2020 NSW Vets Programme Book is available at the Pro Shop.

The 2Person - 2 Club Australian Championship, set for Sat 25 Jan has been re-scheduled. Look for a notice in the Pro Shop for its replacement event and re-scheduled date.

We are running a 3-Person Ambrose on Sunday 19 April. Cash prizes are on offer and a feed also. The Summer Super Sixes has begun with competition going through to March when the Semi-finals will be played. It is good to get out there again.

It is crystal ball time:

Saturday 18 Jan is an 18-Hole Individual Stableford, contesting the 'Leftie's vs Righties' Cup, sponsored by Steve Grallelis. The usual Stableford Medley is on the Sunday. Saturday January 25 is yet to be advised, with Stableford Medley's on Sunday and Monday, the Australia Day Holiday.

- Short Putt