From the bowling greens

Peter Hocking sends a bowl down the green.

Peter Hocking sends a bowl down the green.

Saturday Morning

The Saturday morning format is proving popular with 24 players participating last week. Paul Baker and Christian West were on the scorecard early and led all the way to get a 28 to 19 win over John Baass and Lindsay Willding. Tara Lea Shaw and Viv Russell teamed up against Ivan Hodges and Portland visitor, Tony Newton. Tara and Viv got to an early 7 to 3 lead but got stuck there for the next 8 ends while Ivan and Tony took their total to 16. Tara and Viv managed to get a few more shots over the concluding ends they were no match for Ivan and Tony and went down 26 to 19. Ron Thurlow and Bert Bayley picked up plenty of multiples in their game against John "Gunna" Williams and Peter Mackay. On the other side of the scorecard Gunna and Peter won more ends but had trouble scoring more that one shot on each of them. In the end it was a 27 to 20 win for Ron and Bert. Trevor Currey and Don Craft got away with a 21 to 17 win in a tight game against Lynne Willding and Lyall Strudwick. Tony Bratton and visitor, Warren Keep, got off to a good start in their game against Fred Vogelsang and Al Phillips and kept the pressure up to get home with a comfortable 27 to 16 win. The strong combination of Laurie Crouch and Glen Kearney proved too good for Grant Lambert and John Kennedy. Grant and John only managed to pick up 8 single shots for the game whereas Laurie and Glen were on fire and rolled in 33 shots. While there were catering problems last week, Scooter has taken steps to ensure that the lunch will be back to the usual standard this Saturday with plenty of food to go round.

Sunday Bowls

It was great to see 34 players on the green last Sunday morning. Leisa Burton and Laurie Crouch picked up 12 shots in the final 5 ends of their game to overhaul Fred Vogelsang and Geoff Williams and get home 17 to 11. Pat Hodson, Peter Greenhalgh and Alison Cutcliffe proved too good for John Bentick, Cherie Vincent and Bill Adams with a 15 to 10 win. John Ashcroft and Paul Baker had a tight tussle in their 17 to 15 victory over Debbie Brown and John Stringer. Warren Keep and Russell Hodge were trailing 10 to 3 after 6 ends but when they got control of the mat they powered away to a 24 to 12 win over Don Hodson and Alan Smith. The game between Geoff Coles and Viv Russell and Lesley Dunstan and Greg Gunn was close run affair. It took Geoff and Viv 7 ends to get off the mark but they leveled up the scores after 10 ends and went on to record a 12 to 11 win. Perhaps it was the "wrongun" that Greg rolled into the adjoining rink that turned the tables. John Ward, Pam Stevens and Scott McKellar were down 10 shots after just 3 ends and unfortunately it didn't get much better from there. Alan Affleck, Bob McGinty and Lyall Strudwick were well in control for most of the match and ran out 24 to 10 winners. Max Vincent, Ray Dunstan and John Kennedy had a comfortable win over Loris Stewart, Cliff Nelson and Lindsay Willding 18 to 7. The winning rink draw went to Alan, Bob and Lyall and the losing rink to Loris, Cliff and Lindsay. John Ashcroft and Alan Smith earned a free drink with resting touchers. Sunday bowls will be on again for Australia Day and everyone is welcome to come along for a social roll-up. Names in by 9:30 for a 10:00 start.

Pennants Practice

All pennants players please note that a practice match has been scheduled for the evening of Friday 21st February. Details are on the notice board.


Last week bowlers were restricted to four games of triples with two thirds of the greens out of action due to annual renovations. After the recent rains these efforts are sure to result in better greens for the enjoyment of all.

Three of the four games were reasonably close where card draw winners were John "Slippery' Ward, Sid Morris and skip John Kennedy with a 12-10 win over Noel Jolliffe, Fred Vogelsang and the ever reliable skip Grant Lambert, an 'all time winner' no longer.

Played over 16 ends the final four ends was a case of won/loss depending on who you supported. Leading 10-5 Grant and 'boys' lost the final four ends with a one, one, three then a two against them.

Runners-up were Bob Grant, Wayne Burton and Peter Mackay 15-13 over Bill Looney, Paul Doust and Geoff Williams in a game also lasting 16 ends.

After leading 13-4 after eight Peter had to call his 'boys' together at the end with the Williams trio adding nine in the second half to just fail.

Scott McKellar played an excellent game as skip for Geoff Coles and Trevor Currey to dominate over Kerry Dunstan, who did all possible in leading for Barry Shine and Laurie Crouch winning 15-12, again over 16 ends. The winners lead 9-6 at 'oranges' to see the second half equal on 6-all.

In the final game one of the clubs leading talents John Baass stood tall for fellow players John Gorton and Warren Keep who were too strong for Ray Dunstan, Bill O'Connell and Christian West winning 14-7. Again 16 ends, after eight it was 7-4 to the Keep combo.

Again no in-house meat raffle after play however the Wednesday evening draw went ahead where Colleen Liebeck was not in attendance to miss out on the $900 jackpot. Remember if draw at 7pm you have to be in the club to collect. $1000 was the jackpot this week.

Wednesday social bowls is now back in full swing, nominations from 9.30am for a 10am card call. All are welcome, bowls supplied if needed. For more on all bowls competitions phone the club on 68521499.