Forbes Golf Course remains open

Forbes Golfers Association President Andrew McDonald along with the club executive sighed relief on Wednesday morning when Golf NSW provide an update on sporting regulations concerning coronavirus.

In brief, the release stated - "After reconsideration, the Office of Sport - NSW Government has advised that golf is considered an activity that can continue to be played in line with Public Health Orders relating to public gathering limits, social distancing, and the elderly,"

Therefore, individual sports such as golf and tennis can continue provided the Public Health Orders are complied with

NSW Office of Sport

"The NSW Government has issued guidelines allowing people to go outside and exercise."

"Any form of exercise is to be undertaken in compliance with the Public Health Orders, meaning that people must not participate in groups greater than two persons at any point in time."

"Therefore, individual sports such as golf and tennis can continue provided the Public Health Orders are complied with," the statement read.

What good news for all, competition golfers along with those casual players who were out in large numbers last weekend enjoying a hit, and exercise.

Naturally we all must remember the restrictions and measures to keep us all safe during the COVID-19 outbreak while equally important that people leave their homes for the purpose of exercise.

What you are told in the Pro Shop before hitting off please do, for the health benefits and safety of all.

Last weekend golf proved popular with 75 in the men's competition plus a ladies division while dozens more social players enjoyed a course presented at its best while abiding by rules set out by government bodies.

In brief there was humour, like the following from two of the club's best supporters.

"George get it to the hole," was the word for most of the round on Saturday as golfers experienced something new, playing greens which went flag free and cups raised due to playing regulations brought on by the current coronavirus delima.

After the ball toss prior to the first hole for the in-group match play George Falvey (handicap 13) drew none other then John Betland (handicap plus 4). Enough said.

With greens on the 'slow' side due to recent renovations JB enjoyed his time to score nine birdies where talent on the green was a highlight, just over 20 putts recorded due to a perfect line and plenty of pace to the raised cup.

Despite a strong game from the tee George took a while to get the message, 'don't be short', as he continually frustrated his talented partner. More so the last where GF finished with a double bogey five only to see the opposition square their match.

No comment on what the two exchanged as they touched elbows.

One who did not have to worry about the putter was Ron Morris who scored a hole-in-one after 'tipping' the cup on the par three ninth.

"This is my second hole-in-one, the first was many years ago on the third," Ron proudly commented.

With the new concept of competitions play there were plenty of unusual comment after a great portion of the field scored exceptionally high in stableford points.

Division 1 winner Max Haley off his handicap of 15 was able to score six over par for 45 points, highlighted by a par 36 on the front nine.

Runner-up Jacob Bernardi (handicap 9), a 'newer' player who highlights brute strength from the tree was runner-up, only a couple over par comfortable with only a couple of bogies almost matched by birdies scoring 43 points.

Jack Dobell (handicap 20) took all honours winning Division 2 with 46 points, eight over par 80 while Ron Morris (handicap 21) with the highlight being 'one a five' on the ninth, runner-up with 42 points despite a couple of double bogies recorded.

Nearest the pins, Ron Morris 9th and Robert Webb 18th.

The ball sweep is a good indicator to scoring, 39 points on a count-back. 46 points Jack Dobell, 45 Max Haley, 43 Jacob Bernardi, Brian Everest, Doug Churchill, 42 Ron Morris, 41 Adam Borger, Terry Griffiths, Niel Duncan, Scott Kirkman, Peter Tisdell, 40 Shane Sallaway, John Ridley, Mark Collits, Ross Williams, Troy Howe, 39 Bob Borger, John Zannes, John Betland, Geoff Drane.

John Boyle (handicap 9) took all honours on Sunday winning with 39 points along with a nearest the pin (9th) while Andrew Dukes was closest at the 18th.

With golf on/off it is hard to say what will be played this weekend, we unable to tell with press deadlines calling for early copy.

However, being the first Saturday of the month it is usually stroke and the Monthly Medals while Sunday stableford medley.

Best we can give is contact the Pro Shop on 68511554 for all competitions and details on play.

Sunday was/is to be the finals of the Summer Sixes, again best to contact the Pro Shop to see what is on/off here.

The Grand Final of the Main Draw and those that will play in the finals of the Plate Draw when scheduled.

Grand Final teams in the Main Draw - Pro Shop Dream Team, The Flip Floppers, Forbes Automotive Services and EHAG, while in the Plate Final, the teams of Still Trying, The Duffers, The Bushrangers and The Part Time Putters will be the participants.

Stay turned to see what is happening as to this popular competition.

With little golf it is only natural some are feeling a bit down so we will finish with a joke or two.

Wife: 'You think about golf more then you think about me. Do you ever remember the day we got married?'

Husband: 'How could I forget it? I drove 280 yards from the sixth that morning!'

Amateur: 'How can I cut ten strokes off my round?'

Pro: 'Don't play the last hole.'

Golfer: 'Can you teach me to hook my tee shots, slice my chips and over-hit my putts?'

Pro: 'I don't think so sir. Why?'

Golfer: 'Well, you did last time.'

A couple of elderly men having a hit. My old eyes aren't what they used to be - did you see where my ball went?

His playing partner ... Yep ... but I can't remember.

Phyllis Diller once said ... The reason the Pro tells you you to keep your head down is so you can't see him laughing.

So true ... You can hit two acres of fairway 10% of the time and you can hit a 2 inch branch 90% of the time.

Sign worth reading ... You are 150 years from the centre of the green. You are 175 yards from a $200 glass window ... choose your club wisefully.

Note: the Pro in the above is certainly not our resident professional Ben (Gear). There are many who credit the likeable teacher as one of the best dropping many strokes from their handicaps.

After an extended break from the game it is suggested a call to Ben to brush up on all aspects of your game, he knows golf inside out.

Short Putt's Mate