Golf swings along in Forbes

The Tuesday Golfers on 19 May, enjoyed beautiful autumn weather in the knowledge that a cold change was due 'any day now'. The 22 players utilised the conditions of both weather and course to record some fantastic scores in their 12-hole social competition.

John Smith was definitely warmed up, scoring 36 points for his twelve holes. This score would have made any player happy in an 18-hole event. Needless to say he was well ahead of the runner-up, Vince Aitken on 30 points. Vince was well pleased as he has only 'just missed out' in recent weeks.

The return to golfing in groups certainly caused some merriment with much laughter heard across the course. There is an open invitation for all social golfers, ladies and men, to join in. Usual start of 9 am for 9:30 tee off.

There was a completely different story for the weather that greeted the Vets golfers on Thursday 21 May. The 12 players gathered under grey clouds, with a chilling breeze blowing between their legs, for their 12-holes. Soon after play there were some wind-driven showers and the temperature seemed to drop further. But the end of the rounds were bathed in sunshine.

The winner was Ken Sanderson who battled gamely for his 23 points. No brilliance in his round, just sheer determination. Runner-up was Alf Davies with 22 points, and lucky to get there after a count back from Peter Barnes. Alf scored steadily, but Peter had a miss which cost him some accolades.

Brian Clarke certainly knows how to entertain his playing partners. This week he managed a birdie on the 1st hole, followedby an indifferent middle to his round, only to put his tee shot on his last hole, the 18th, onto the green. It seemed he may end with a birdie, but alas his putt finished only inches short. His playing partners had been holding their breath on the final putt.

One of our 'Statesmen Golfers', who still competes beyond 90 years of age, was very wise when the cold and rain got worse. Tom Edols decided the warm fire was better for his health and skipped away after only a few holes. It was just another memory for him after having seen many changes in his time as a member at Forbes.

Group play will continue now. With Regional Travel being allowed from June 1 onwards the Vets can get back to the Forbes/Parkes alternate play. The 18-hole events will be held off until we can be allowed to gather in larger groups and thus enable presentations and meals.

So the usual story for next week. Play at Forbes in groups, gathering at 12:30 pm for a 1:00 pm tee off.