Remembering Eugowra yarn-spinner Harold Mulligan

Eugowra's Harold Kenneth Mulligan passed away on March 29 and was laid to rest in the Catholic portion of the Eugowra cemetery, with a service conducted by Father Laurie Beath.

His daughter Kimberley Mulligan wrote this beautiful eulogy ...

The late Harold Mulligan.

The late Harold Mulligan.

Harold, Humphrey, Dad, whatever name we knew you by, you never cared what we called you as long as it wasn't late for dinner!

"Have you got time for a quick 'joke' or 'story'?"

It never mattered who you said these words to, you always had them captivated with your quick wit and banter.

You would make people smile, yet your smile was always bigger than theirs. "A people person" some would say. Not me, I think it was more selfish than that.

I believe you learnt a long time ago what made YOU happy and that was bringing a little bit of joy to someone else's day.

A man with the biggest heart, you would give the shirt off your back to anyone who needed it.

Find a 'fifty' on the street, straight to the poor box at church.

From a young girl's horror at the time this happened, I now thank you!

I thank you for instilling in me that it's not about what things you as a person have, but what you can do for and give to others.

Like the time you got us kids out of bed at daybreak one Christmas to drop off presents to a struggling family in town so they wouldn't know they came from you.

You always championed the underdog, whether it was for those in need or the struggling sporting team.

Some of the stories I remember hearing from you as a boy include how your school work involved doing jobs for the nuns and priest rather than being in the classroom; playing footy and being knocked out and waking up in the morgue; driving an ambulance; fishing; and having too much 'stuff' in the car to pick me and mum up from hospital when I was born (I might get over that one day).

The one that rings truest to the amazing human you are is you once said to me you would adopt a village if mum would let you.

I think all of your nephews and nieces and Eugowra would agree, you found a way to do that, just without moving everyone into the house!

There are not enough words to express the love we all have for you. And you always made sure we felt your love, there was never a conversation that you didn't end without saying 'I love you'.

You beat the odds time and time again. A fighter to the end. It's time now to rest, be pain free. Cast a line, study the horses and numbers.

I look forward to a visit in my dreams. I know you have a lot of catching up to do up there first though.