Donations for rescues

Happy Forbes staff received the donation from Winter Warmers.

Happy Forbes staff received the donation from Winter Warmers.

Our local rescue pets are able to sleep a little a little comfier thanks to a donation of bedding, blankets and homemade coats from a Sydney-based volunteer group.

Volunteers from the Rescue Resource Winter Warmers group have recently delivered several large bags of items to help care for the animals in our local pound.

Members of the Winter Warmers team make between 300 and 350 dog coats in a range of sizes, which they deliver to around 40 pounds across the state each winter.

Patricia Bavister from Winter Warmers said they deliver the coats along with donated bedding and blankets.

Mrs Bavister said they try and help as many pounds as they can in NSW - this time they also brought deliveries to Cowra and Dubbo.

Their aim is to make rescue animals more comfortable and support pound staff.

At the moment, the entire effort is carried out by a group of eight to 10 ladies in Sydney, but there's an opportunity for more people to get on board.

Mrs Bavister said they would like to set up groups of people who would be able to help supply the pounds in their local area with homemade jackets.

While the Sydney-based group of ladies makes upwards of 300 coats a year, Mrs Bavister said for most pounds only need 20 jackets or even fewer for their rescue dogs.

A lot of the pounds they help with donations are located in rural and regional areas.

Mrs Bavister said she is happy to help anyone who is looking at starting up a local group to make the homemade jackets for animals or to support the local pound.

You can get in touch with her via email at or through the Rescue Resource's Facebook page to find out more or get started.

If you are interested in helping out you can also contact Forbes Shire Council on 6850 2300 and ask to speak to Ranger Jess.

Rescue Resource NSW started out in February 2013 and has grown steadily along with the amount of places they support.

They collect pet-related items and distribute them to animal rescue organisations and pounds across NSW.

Winter Warmers is a side arm of Rescue Resource NSW that focuses primarily on helping pounds.