Sister's tribute to Timothy Yell

Timothy Robert Yell aged 26 years, son of Ronda and Tim Yell, brother of Jessica and Jayden passed away August 1, 2020.

His farewell service was held on 13th August at the Eugowra Football Field conducted by Civil Celebrant Laurel Hull.

Timothy was carried to his service by friends Jacob Brady, Luke Hutchings, Matthew Brown, Callum Newell, Ben Skeers, Mitchell Skeers, CJ Weekes, Carl Yarrol and onto his final journey by family Tim Yell, Jayden Miller, Max Gransden, Steven Gransden, Jeremy Gransden, Zach Gransden, Josh Beer, and Herb Beer for Mitch Beer.

The Eulogy was written and read by his sister Jessica, and is reproduced in part ...

Timothy Robert, Timothy, Wool, Timby, Timbo, Wool Dog. A son, a brother, a grandson, a nephew, a cousin, and a loyal mate to all.

Those of you that know Wooly well, know that he was never ready on time. Mates would turn up, he would not be ready and he would be saying, "It will be right - Stress Less" while trying to find the perfect clothes to wear and smothering himself in his favourite cologne.

There were however two times in his life that he was in fact early; when he was born 10 days early and today, the day that we say See Ya Later.

Wooly loved his family and had a special and life-long connection with his grandparents - Nanny and Grandad, and Grammy and Doogie Pa. In Wooly's eyes, Nanny made the best mince and Grammy made the best vanilla milkshakes.

He always enjoyed family gatherings, catching up with his aunties and uncles, and being with his cousins.

Wooly fiercely adored his mum, and enjoyed time and a beer with his dad and brother Jayden. Me on the other hand, Wooly was regularly stirring me in any way that he could find. I do know he loved me though.

In Wooly's younger years, we all spent many a weekend at Wyangla Dam together: The Yells, The Beers and The Skeers. Us kids enjoyed skiing and fishing while our parents enjoyed partying.

Wooly completed his schooling at Eugowra Public School and Forbes High School however most of you would know that he spent a limited amount of time learning. This did not stop Wooly from being himself and becoming the skilled and loyal person he was.

Wooly achieved much in his 26 years. He became a fully qualified Stone Mason before moving into working in the mines in various roles where he travelled all over Australia. The mines was a job that he loved and through this he was fortunate enough to add many new people to his long, and forever growing list of mates.

Wooly wasn't really the sporting type. He enjoyed riding motorbikes, fishing with mates, and spending time with his mates and their children. He dabbled in a bit of Lawns Bowls with his dad and refreshments were had.

Wooly had friends everywhere, and loved a party and listening to music. It was always the louder the better with his eclectic music collection.

We have also heard numerous stories about his respectful nature towards the older generation and how he always had time to have a chat or lend a helping hand. As many of you here today know, Wooly loved to chat at any hour of the day or night.

One of the happiest times in Wooly's life was in the last few years when a special little girl named Evie entered his life. To him she was a princess and a gem. Although she was only in his life for a short time, this special little girl will remain in his heart forever.

There were so many things to love about Wooly, and we did! He was described by many as a brother that was wild, loyal, lovable, trustworthy, gentle, respectful, and an all-round beautiful soul, just to name a few. He loved everyone else more than he loved himself.

The late Timothy Robert Yell.

The late Timothy Robert Yell.