Grease and Oil Change goes online in 2021

The rural gathering Grease and Oil Change will go online this year, and it's an opportunity for more people than ever to be part of it.

Cherie Stitt, who founded the not-for-profit conference in Trundle in 2016, says it's open to all those who have an interest in mental health.

Put February 18 in your calendar - there are both morning and evening sessions - this event is free for our community and an opportunity to hear an incredible line-up of speakers.

Cherie says more than 150 people have already registered for the online event, interest continuing to grow year on year.

Grease and Oil Change presents both personal stories and the opportunity to hear from experts in the field of mental health.

"The message of mental health awareness and acceptance of mental ill health - for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians - particularly those with a connection to rural communities - is my passion," she says.

Cherie began this workshop for many personal reasons. In 2015 she had been listening to the Mental Health month on ABC radio and thought that it was such a great initiative. The first Grease and Oil change occurred the very next year.

Since that time, it's pretty much become her life work and this event is really a passion project for her.

This is the first time it's gone online.

"For these times, this feels right and also it feels necessary so we can continue the important conversations about mental health - particularly for rural people," Cherie said.

The event is free and while aimed at those living in regional, rural and remote communities, everyone is welcome.

It's on February 18, the first session is from 9am to 1pm and the second from 7pm to 9pm.

Meet the guest speakers

Mary O'Brien - Are you bogged mate?

Mary's career in the rural sector has given her a deep respect for country blokes, and the program she has developed extends a helping hand to rural men who might be feeling "bogged". The "Are you bogged mate?" program aims to bridge the gap and break down the stigma associated with seeking help while linking rural men to the professional services available.

Robyn Lynch - Bringing the power of health into your hands

As the found of The Perfect Health Centre, she has mentored and taught people from all over the world. Robyn has a B Ed and has studied extensively in Ayurvedic Medicine, yoga, meditation and breakthrough healing practices.

Di Healey - The importance of child's play for overall health and wellbeing

Working across central and western NSW, Di has developed her skills working with children and young people using a variety or programs and interventions, undergoing further training and refining her skills. She is an accredited mental health social worker and accredited synergetic play therapist. Her message is all about play-based therapy, targeting safety, emotional regulation, distress tolerance and trauma processing.

Dixie Crawford - Let's talk about race

Dixie is a Barkindji woman, a frontline worker, manager and strategic advisor in healthcare and child safety. She is the founder of Source Nation, an Aboriginal business playing a crucial role in shaping and asking questions about an quality approach to achieve equitable outcomes.

Joe Williams - Defying the enemy within

Joe has played NRL, is a two-times WBF World Junior Welterweight champion and recently won the WBC Asia Continental title. While forging a successful professional sporting career, Joe has battled the majority of his life with suicidal ideation and bipolar disorder. He shares his life story and practice tools to improve and maintain emotional wellbeing.

Dr Mark Gray - A GP's take on seeking help for mental health

Dr Mark is currently working as the Trundle GP and farming with his family in the area, and he's been involved with Grease and Oil Change from the beginning. He'll take questions from the audience and speak in plain language about how to help yourself or a loved one experiencing mental illness.

Dr Clare Britt - The artists' way to wellbeing

Clare is an author, teacher, researcher and consultant. She specialists in visual arts, with a focus on art in early childhood. Her presentation and workshop will look at some of the connections between creativity, flow, play and focus on the ways in which art can be a means towards wellbeing.