2021 Forbes floods: heavy crops slow down flood water's progress to Forbes

It's Thursday, November 18, and the water is rushing into Lake Forbes, but it has seemed a strangely long time coming.

Our community had prepared in response to an upstream peak higher than 2016, yet the water in the lake remained mysteriously low until Wednesday afternoon.

In a video published to the Forbes Shire Council Facebook page, Mayor Phyllis Miller said the missing water was baffling to those trying to predict the flood's impact on Forbes.

Forbes SES controller Roc Walshaw said the mystery was solved late Wednesday with a closer look at the Southern Cross area, where the water normally breaks out, heads north and goes west into the top of the lake system.

"While we were out there we found out a lot of water was going south, back down across the Eugowra Road, heading into the river," he said.

"All that water got backed up by heavy crops in the area, that's why it got pushed down south.

"All the excess water is going north, where it normally goes, on top of the lake system, it's gradually draining into the lake now and it's going to be there for quite a while now.

"The river itself has peaked at 10.52, it's going to stay there for a while."

With more water coming down the river ahead of another forecast wet weekend, the current flood waters will remain high.

"Every flood is different," Mayor Phyllis Miller reiterated.

"We are trying to read the floods as accurately as we can.

"Please contact the SES on 132500 if you have problems.

"Do not drive through floodwaters, it's dangerous. We want all our community to be safe and healthy during this flood."

The most up to date road closure information is on the Forbes Shire Council website or LiveTraffic.

Our thoughts now turn to those rural residents isolated, watching their crops go under or wondering if they will go under.

The Lachlan River is predicted to reach the major flood level (7.7m) at Jemalong Weir Downstream on Saturday, with rises to 7.8m possible.

Water NSW says it is releasing 30 gigalitres a day from Wyangala Dam (99.6 per cent capacity on Thursday) to create airspace ahead of more predicted wet weather this weekend.