Shirley celebrates her 90th birthday

Forbes' Shirley Gunn has lived in Forbes for much of her life and recently celebrated her 90th birthday her family and friends.

Born on December 14, 1931 Shirley is one of nine children, having four brothers and sisters.

Shirley said she has had a rich and rewarding life here in Forbes and enjoys with its friendly atmosphere and spirit.

Over the years Shirley worked at the Forbes Advocate, Webb's Butcher Shop and Hughes and Co. before marrying the love of her life Barry in 1950 and starting their own family, where they had nine children of their own.

Over the years, her family has grown, with Shirley now being a grandmother to 33, great grandmother of 56 and great great grandmother of four.

Mothering and nurturing her family is what Shirley considers her greatest achievement and joy.

Shirley said she is kept young at heart being surrounded by her large, diverse and still growing family.