The Wright combination at Eugowra Memorial swimming pool

WRIGHT COMBINATION: Julia Wright, Ash Wright, Claire Wright. Picture: MAT REID

WRIGHT COMBINATION: Julia Wright, Ash Wright, Claire Wright. Picture: MAT REID

With Mat Reid, Eugowra Memorial Swimming Pool

Regional Australian communities are very close knit and it's not uncommon to hear the same family surname involved in community services in those areas.

Tim and Ash Wright who raised a family on a property near Eugowra since 2001, are one such family. The rural property has been the Wright family farm since 1901.

Many regular users of the Eugowra pool are familiar with lifeguards Julia Wright and Claire Wright. They're also engaged in a number of workplaces in the region including Canowindra pool and hospitality venues, as well as community projects and initiatives.

Their brother Will has performed lifegaurd duties at the pool in the past and has since moved away from the region doing an advanced science degree at university of NSW, majoring in Ecology and Bioinformatics.

We now have another Wright family member to add to the list.

Towards the end of this season, their mother Ash made the decision to undertake the lifeguard training course with the intention to support the Eugowra War Memorial Swimming Pool and lengthen the end of the 2021/22 season.

"All our kids have been lifeguards at the Eugowra Pool. I love anything to do with water and it's important the community has a pool to learn to swim and enjoy socially," Ash said.

Ash hopes to encourage more people to become lifeguards in the community and ensure the pool remains open. ,After having input into the Canowindra Pool upgrade, she has insight into the asset community pools are for small communities.

Julia, the eldest of the two sisters, has been a lifeguard at the pool for the last three years.

This season has been Claire's first. Both are inspired by community development and progression with Claire being awarded the Australia Day Canowindra Young Citizen of the Year and Cabonne Council Youth Ambassador.

She first became a lifeguard because she loves swimming and the hours involved worked well with her scholastic commitments at Canowindra High School.

Claire says she became a lifeguard to provide a community service during the hotter months of the year. Both have enjoyed seeing the swimming skills and confidence of local kids throughout the season.

The challenges of the lifeguarding role in regional Australia are varying.

"Travelling and balancing conflicting pool shifts between locations can be challenging but being able to meet those commitments for people is a huge reward," Julia said.

Claire said, "Using different communication strategies to influence behaviours of young persons in the pool is a challenge, yet rewarding when I'm able to effectively communicate to keep people safe in the water. I don't know how many times I've said no manus!"

For the layman, a manu is a style of bomb in the water.

At the end of this season, Ash is focussing on her role as a Community Health Manager and casual physiotherapist in the region.

Julia is heading to Broome in Western Australia to gain more experience in the pearl farms and has recently successfully completed her scuba diving course. After this, her plan is to attend university.

Claire is leaving for Queensland to take a gap year as a station hand. Ash, Julia and Claire plan to return for the next pool season.

The Eugowra War Memorial Swimming Pool is scheduled to close for the season on Saturday March 19.

The Pool will be hosting a free sausage sizzle and superhero-themed end of season party.

Talented musician Alex Mitchell will be performing an acoustic set at the pool between 3pm and 5pm, come on down and enjoy the afternoon.