Doyle, Bayley produce a nail-biter in Summer squash comp

SUMMER SQUASH: Max Ridley in Blue and Neil Toole during a rally. Picture: SUPPLIED

SUMMER SQUASH: Max Ridley in Blue and Neil Toole during a rally. Picture: SUPPLIED

Wednesday night March 9, a fine mix of matches ensued with a single sub required.

Court One: Bayleys v Webbs 17-18, Alex v Louise 0-3, then an excellent match between Chris Cogswell and Mel Cowhan saw Chris begin strong 15-12, 15-13 until Mel hit back 9-15 but Chris had the final say 15-9. Jono Webb v George Falvey 3-2, Will Markwort v Claire Bayley 3-2 and Rhys Knight v Max Ridge 2-3.

Court Two: Coombs had zero wins against Benticks 11-24, Graham v Michelle 0-3, Greg Ridge v Marc Hardy 1-3, Lucy Cowhan v Kasey Kinsey 2-3, Luke Bilsborough v sub Will Markwort 2-3 and Jay Knight v Cam Webb 2-3.

Court Three: W Bils v D Bils 12-18, Wayne v Danny 3-0, Gabe Miller McMillan v Kim Chudleigh 3-0, Nikki McCaig v Hannah Nixon 0-3, Sam Rath in a long haul matched Harry Bilsborough with two sets all but Sam lost the fifth 8-15 and Beth Cannon v Rachael Bilsborough 0-3.

Thursday evening: large score margins prevailed overall but a very close 'Match of the Week' between Mitch Doyle and Dan Bayley was a 'nail biter' with consistent low, hard drives to back corners making returns difficult for both players.

Mitch sprang from two down 13-15, 13-15 to even sets 15-9, 15-9 and finally took the match 15-13.

Court One: Hornerys lost only one match to H Krosses 27 - 15, Sam v sub Jono Cannon 3-1, Alex Doyle v sub Mitch Doyle 3-0, Bren Allegri v Mark Webb 3-0, Beck Connell excelled to beat Rich Plowes 3-2, Jason Mallon v Adam Chudleigh 3-1 and Chris McConnell v Weivan Huang 0-3.

Court Two: Millers v Dawes 10-24, Lockie v sub Darryn Piper 0-3 was a tactical mêlée of speed, and jaw dropping shots, Neil Toole v Max Ridley 1-3, Cam Dale v sub Steve Allegri 0-3 and Al Carlisle v sub Cameron Dale 1-3.

Court Three: Pipers v J Krosses 26-16, Jono Cannon v Jake Shaw 0-3, Pete Cowhan v sub Neil Toole 0-3, Dennis Haynes v sub Austen Bown 3-2, Ben Barnard v Austen Brown 2-3 and Deb Bryant v Isaac Barnard 3-0.