Semi-finals time in Forbes summer squash competition

Semi-finals time in Forbes summer squash competition

By Wednesday March 9, comp team positions were: Bayleys, Webbs, Benticks, W Bills, Coombs and D Bils.

The last two weeks of play had decided the semis line up though resulting with the same teams and order.

Wednesday night March 16: W Bils v Benticks was 21-14, D Bils v Webbs 17-18 and Coombs v Bayleys 17-18.

Week five, Wednesday March 23, was the last chance for a semis birth.

Court One, W Bils v Coombs: good efforts by George Falvey and Will Markwort kept W Bils close behind with 17 to 18 points ensuring their semis spot.

Court Two, Bayleys v D Bils; a contingent of substitute players for D Bils had modified expected results to 26-8 denying them a last semis chance.

Court Three; Webbs v Benticks, strong performances from Christine Cogswell and Max Ridge secured Webbs a 20 to 15 points win and semis place.

'Match of the Week' for me was Claire Bayley and sub Will Markwort's marathon, they put in some top shots and big sprints.

Thursday's division saw team placement changes. By March 10 Hornerys were leading Pipers, then Dawes, H Krosses, Millers and J Krosses.

The last week of play replaced H Krosses with J Krosses as fourth placed semis team.

March 17, Pipers v Dawes for a 26-16 result, J Krosses v H Krosses 24-18 and Millers v Hornerys 16-26. Thursday March 24, final week for a semis bid.

Court One: Pipers v Millers 24-18, Darryn's hard-earnt defeat of Lockie, sub Shanna Nock, Yours Truly and Ben Barnard's wins solidified Pipers semis hopes.

Court Two; Hornerys v J Krosses 25-17, Alex Doyle, Bren Allegri and sub Al Carlisle's top scores kept Hornery's semis dream alive and hitting.

Court Three: H Krosses v Dawes 10-24, Dan Bayley, Chris McQuie and Max Ridley excelled, keeping the semis flame flickering for Dawes.

Thursday's 'Match of the Week', Darryn Piper and Lockie Miller's performance could only be described as phenomenal with their court speed and seemingly endless streams of amazing shots but Weivan Huang and sub Richard Plowes were a close second in their five setter.

Weivan ran ahead 17-15 but then Richard won set two 15-11 beginning a 'see saw' event which went on and on, finally ending with Weivan, after kilometers of court coverage, claiming set five a convincing 15 to 9.