Forbes croquet club welcomes visitors, new members, in Seniors Week

On Tuesday 29th March a Gala Open Day was held at the Forbes Croquet courts to celebrate Seniors week.

We had thirteen visitors trying the game of croquet which was indeed pleasing who with our very own members made a total of 41 players.

It is also pleasing to note that a great numbers of the visitors are keen enough to want to join our Club in the very near future.

On the day the Forbes Shire Council provided a lovely spread for morning tea and our most heartfelt thanks to them for their continued support.

A sausage sizzle completed the day which was capably cooked by Kevin Rubie and John Browne whilst other members helped with cooking the onions, serving and packing away.

A special thank you to all who helped make our day so successful.

Our President Elvy, was very pleased with the outcome and all donations on the day will be presented to our local Can Assist.

A great day was had by all and we look forward to making welcome our visitors when they return to join us.

On a sad note we learnt recently of the passing of one of our very valued members, Elizabeth McLean.

Liz as we knew her was a very well respected lady who enjoyed her game of Aussie croquet and was always competitive.

Liz started playing croquet in 1992 when croquet was played at the Jemalong Retirement Village in Church Street; played later at the Golf Club and then at the Bowling Club.

In 2012 the croquet lawns were established at Halpins Flat which is still the home of croquet today.

In 2012 Liz was honoured with Life membership of the Forbes Croquet Club.


There were 28 players for Aussie Croquet on Saturday April 2.

Four players won three games: Jane Hanbury, John Farah, Cheryle Toohey and Neville Spry.

The big winners:

  • 14-8 Dorelle Scott and Kevin Rubie, Cheryle Toohey and Barry White
  • 14---9 Lyn Simmonds and Alex Todd. Neville Spry and Peter West

Close games:

  • Jill Rubie and Bill Scott 14 Robin Pols and Merv Langfield 13
  • Cherylin Cole and Jill Rubie 14 Joan Littlejohn and Alex Todd 13
  • John Farah and Sandy Hepburn 14 Elvy Quirk and Bill Scott 12
  • Bruce Field and Tony Thomson14 Bob Murray and Geoff Coles 12
  • Lyn Simmonds and Cheryle Toohey 14 Lorraine Todd and Geoff Coles 12
  • Geoff Coles and Lorraine Todd 14 Robin Pols and Lyn Simmonds 12
  • Jane Hanbury and John Cole 14 Dorelle and Bill Scott 12
  • Alex Todd and Neville Spry 14 Tony Thomson 11
  • Elvy Quirk nand Kevin Rubie 14 John Browne and Bob Murray 11
  • Bill Scott and Joan Littlejohn 14 Barry White and John Cole 10
  • John Browne and Neville Spry 14 Peter West and Kevin Rubie 10
  • Robin Pols and John Job 14 Cherylin Cole and Jill Rubie 10
  • Jane Hanbury and Cheryle Toohey 14 Lorraine Todd and Ros Rennick 10
  • Barry White and John Job 14 Bruce Field and Sandy Hepburn 10
  • John Farah and John Browne 14 Joan Littlejohn and Elvy Quirk 10
  • Jane Hanbury and Bob Murray 14 Marie Spry and Ros Rennick 10
  • John Farah and Bruce Field 14 Ros Rennick and Merv Langfield 10

On April 5, we had 37 players for Golf Croquet, there were eight new players, I guess this was the result of the open day last week.

Five players won three games, John Browne, John Cole, Bruce Field, Jill Rubie and Tony Thomson.

Big winners:

  • 11-2 Kevin Rubie and Tony Thomson
  • 10-3 Robin Pols and Ray Burridge, Neville Spry and Sandy Hepburn, Mal Smith and Sally Perry
  • 9-4 Peter West and Ray Burridge, Geoff Coles and Lyall Strudwick, John Allegri and Mal Smith,
  • Dorelle Scott and Robin Pols, John Browne and Lyall Strudwick,

Close games:

  • John Farah and Coralie Crouch 7 Fay Picker Colleen Liebich 6
  • Joan Littlejohn and John Cole 7 Bill Scott and Shirley Chamberlain 6
  • John Browne and Laurie Crouch 7 Bob Murray and Jeff Liebich 6
  • Merv Langfield and Jeff Liebich 7 Ray Burridge and Coralie Crouch 6
  • Jill Rubie and Merv Langfield 7 Dorelle Scott and John Farah 6
  • May Jones and John Cole 7 Lyn Simmonds and John Allegri 6
  • Barry White and Allan Jones 7 Neville Spry and Laurie Crouch 6
  • Tony Thomson 7 Kevin Rubie 6
  • John Browne and Shirley Chamberlain 7 Bob Murray and Jenny Job 6
  • Dorelle Scott and Jill Rubie 8 Sally Perry and Elvy Quiek 5
  • Jill Rubie and Joan Littlejohn 8 John Cole and Laurie Crouch 5
  • Fay Picker and Bill Scott 8 Allen Jones and Barry White 5
  • Bob Murray and Tony Thomson 8 Lyn Simmonds and May Jones 5
  • Kevin Rubie 8 Geoff Coles and Peter West 5
  • Neville Spry 8 Jenny Job 5
  • Fay Picker and Bruce Field 8 Elvy Quirk and Robin Pols 5
  • Evelyn Mahlo and Sandy Hepburn 8 Marie Spry and Peter West 5

That's it till next week

By Pegging Out