Gardeners gather in beautiful setting, learn from each other

BLOOMING BEAUTY: The Queen of the Night cactus from the Lyells garden. Picture: SUPPLIED

BLOOMING BEAUTY: The Queen of the Night cactus from the Lyells garden. Picture: SUPPLIED

The word Trivia is riveting! OK?

What is Louis XIII famous for? Easy! Palace of Versailles Gardens in 1661.

When you visit, is there an attractive personable hostess greeting you with a genuine warm smile, carrying your chair, finding you a shady spot, created by magnificent leafy trees, for us and a haven for our birds?

A garden where leaves and petals are allowed to rest on lush green grass, also plants artistic as they lean over in the wind creating a Monet! created by Robin and Mark Lyell over nearly 40 years. Thank you.

Our guest speaker, a font of gardening knowledge, her speciality "roses", going gardening with member Jeanette Thomas.

Jeanette says "everybody loves propagating" and went on to give a detailed demonstration of the steps to propagating a China Rose.

The raffles were won by Margot Rath and Joyce McKenzie.

In the flower of the month competition 1st was Irene Ford's hibiscus, 2nd Denise Thurston's dahlia and 3rd was Robyn Mattiske's nerine. Nerine symbolises freedom and good fortune.

The garden club will be laying a wreath on Anzac Day.

Our next meeting is on April 26 at John Browne's garden at 111 Flint St, corner of Bathurst and Flint streets.

Please bring a chair, hat, mug and a flower in a container with your name underneath.

Our guest speaker will be Jacinda Acheson from Mitre 10. If it is raining the meeting will be moved to the Northside Chapel in Johnson St.

On April 29 is a drive to Glen Ratcliffe's Nursery and then on to Lion's Park for lunch and then to visit a garden in Parkes.

Morning tea will be provided but bring your own lunch and drink.

Please meet at the car park opposite Club Forbes and we can car pool. We can organise the fine details at the next meeting.

Enjoy your garden and your neighbours too!