From the mayor's desk: join us this Heritage Week

Forbes mayor Phyllis Miller OAM.

Forbes mayor Phyllis Miller OAM.

It is Heritage Week! Forbes has a unique mix of heritage and new and I believe our town is equally excited about and supportive of both.

This week we will focus on our valued heritage, we are celebrating our history and origin stories and will be bringing some of the past alive with our celebrations on Saturday.

Join us for the Forbes Heritage Festival on Saturday in Victoria Park (delayed a week after last week's rain) and later to launch the Forbes Heritage Digital Trail - when we share our heritage landmarks through technology.

Talking rain - it is hard to believe the rain from last week, unfortunately it has caused delays on some of our major development projects but while the road base and larger earthmoving tasks were pulled up, our teams are working ahead on other parts of the projects.

Forbes Shire Council is in an unprecedented stage of development and it really is all systems go in every department at the minute.

While we cannot manage the rain, we have planned contingencies in place, where possible, to be able to divert assets or teams to continue work during these times.

I am very pleased to say the rain did not hinder or cause unnecessary damage at the winter sports grounds over the weekend.

It was just great to see everyone back into winter sports after such a long COVID hiatus and it was very pleasing to see all the off season work on the grounds ensure they held up very well in spite of the less than ideal first round games in pelting rain.

As was discussed at the Council meeting on Thursday the contractor at the heated pool has had more delays.

Council is working towards expediting the end of this stage or at least preparing to amend the contract so we can get in and begin work on the toilets and amenities.

Council is very aware of what an important asset this is in our community and the strong community need for this facility, so we are doing everything we can to make sure it is finished, to meet specifications, as soon as possible.