Lakie launches relaxation classes

Retired local doctor Untung Laksito is launching a free local relaxation class next week. 0416lakie
Retired local doctor Untung Laksito is launching a free local relaxation class next week. 0416lakie

Local retired doctor Untung Laksito is recommencing his relaxation classes, starting next Wednesday.

The classes are free and he has written the following outline to help people make the decision to join ...

Why: As time (years, decades and centuries) goes on life is getting increasingly more complex. The world is changing all the time, socially and technologically.

We need to go with progress, however many of us are finding life more and more stressful.

As a consequence of the above, life’s challenges are increasing too.

However, the way our body works, especially the coping mechanism, essentially has not changed since our ancestors left the caves. 

It’s akin to negotiating Pit Street traffic during peak hour in a horse and buggy - just imagine that!

How: The class (incidentally called Lakie’s Larrikins) will use physiology, psychology, philosophy and other means to address the disccrepancy between the ever-changing world and the unchanging human body.

It will endeavour to use the knowledge of all the above disciplines to train the body and mind to cope with life’s stresses for a favourable outcome. 

You might ask, will it involve meditation, yoga and the like? What if I can’t sit cross-legged on the floor?

Relax - it is a relaxation class after all.

It is designed so that you can relax, not become more tense.

That is why it is called “Lakie’s Larrikins” - Larrikins are “kin” of Larry, the proverbial happy person.

So you can sit on a chair and relax. 

Stay as long as you like and leave any time you wish - although of course it would be preferable if you stay the whole session, lest you disturb the peace of the rest of the class.

We have a discussion at the end of the session and you’re free to - encouraged to - ask questions. 

Where: Classes will be at OCTEC in Rankin Street (opposite the old Woolworths) on Wednesday, April 6 at 2pm.

Subsequent classes will probably be every Wednesday. Admission is free.