Switched on: Jemalong solar power plant on track to power homes in 2021

Construction of the Jemalong Solar Project in November.
Construction of the Jemalong Solar Project in November.

Job done!

Genex has successfully achieved transformer energisation from its Jemalong Solar Project, and the project is on track to start powering homes with local sunshine in the first quarter of 2021.

More than 150 people have been employed at the project in recent months, including 66 from Forbes and surrounds who were brought on board to erect the field of solar panels.

They have installed a total 152,000 solar panels over 165 hectares to create a 50MW plant.

The Project's Energisation follows its successful registration by the Australian Energy Market Operator as a Market Generator, which signals the completion of all technical and regulatory processes to enable the Project to export electricity into the National Electricity Market.

The company's executive director, Simon Kidston, said technical processes would continue to roll out over the next two months as the plant "ramps up" to its full operation.

It means construction, which began at the site at the start of this year and reached peak employment from June to November, is largely complete.

In a statement to the stock exchange, Genex said energisation of the 50MW Jemalong plant was a significant milestone for the company.

"The project, once fully operational, is capable of producing up to 128,700MWh of energy per annum, generating enough electricity to power more than 23,000 Australian homes and offsetting ~106,500t of CO2," Genex CEO James Harding said.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the project delivery team, especially our nominated EPC Contractor Beon, who have displayed outstanding professionalism and determination to develop the project during these uncertain times.

"Despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the project has experienced no significant delays and is being delivered within budget."

The $85 million project at Jemalong is a significant addition to the Genex renewable energy portfolio.

Their other projects include the operating 50MW Kidston Solar Project, the development of the 250MW Kidston Pumped Hydro Project, the 50MW/75MWh Bouldercombe Battery Project and the recently announced joint development with J-POWER for the Kidston Wind Project.

The field of solar panels at Jemalong.

The field of solar panels at Jemalong.