Eugowra welcomes artists for 10th anniversary murals weekend

Eugowra's very own singing postie and the Escort Rock gold robbery have been a focus for the 10th anniversary Most Wanted Murals weekend.

Twenty eight artists worked the weekend away in the Cabonne village, with many efforts focussed on bringing new life to some of the earliest murals completed as part of the project.

There were plenty of admirers watching them work around the town, but two particularly special projects were drawing plenty of attention.

One was a steel-art Royal Mail coach, which is to stand at the Escort Rock Cafe in future, that full story here.

The Singing Postie mural, which will also tell the story of Eugowra's Post Office, was unveiled on Saturday at the Showground pavilion due to the wet weather.

Cr Jamie Jones, Deputy Mayor of Cabonne Council, officially welcomed the artists and visitors to Cabonne Shire, and congratulated the Murals committee on another outstanding event.

Ray Agustin, chairman of the Murals committee, spoke of the artists and sign writers who have become extended family to the members of the Mural committee and also to Eugowra.

He detailed the history of the Murals, how it started 10 years ago when Jodie Greenhalgh and Christine Holmes approached the EPPA and asked for support with their idea of a five-year plan.

Five years on, the project was such a success the artists said they'd like to continue - and so it will so long as they wish to come.

Sharon 'Shaz' Fensom spoke about the Postie mural and how Linda Cowan and Christine Holmes were involved during its preparation.

Shaz has been involved in the murals from design through completion every year, and this idea has been a few years in the making.

"We had heard about him singing all through town and he happened to come through on his bike," Shaz said.

"He lit a fire for the design in my head and we explored that.

"The Post Office had some history that we wanted to be told so we combined the two."

The result is a mural she hopes will engage an even broader audience with the story of Eugowra, which so many of the 34 murals now on the trail map do.

Postie John Gilson, who's quickly become known around the community for delivering the mail with a song, stars in the mural, dodging a swooping magpie with a daschund in pursuit while a curious galah watches on and a kookaburra laughs fit to fall of its branch.

"It's a fun one but it doesn't miss on telling the history, there's an information panel coming that tells the history of the Post Office," Shaz said.

The Singing Postie himself responded, saying he was honoured to be given the opportunity to be featured on a mural to be displayed in the centre of town. But he did decline the chance to sing.

The 10th anniversary murals weekend was a time to reflect on the special event, which the artists say is almost a family reunion, as well as an opportunity to use their brush skills doing something a little different.

Shaz says the interest in the murals - and in the process of creating them - has grown with every event.

"We were in the park one morning and there was an entire coach, they all got off, came around and had their thermoses around our campfire and watched us paint," she said.

"And there was probably 50 other people through the course of that morning just came to see."

Signwriters Ray Cosier and Peter Fishlock, who travel here from the Hawkesbury each year, say the meeting is like a family reunion.

"It's a great family feeling and a good community-spirited event," Peter said. "They look after us."

Although most of the sign writers and artists at this year's meeting were regulars, there were three fine art portrait painters who were new this year, and who are daughters and granddaughter of Lance, who has been coming since year one.

These young ladies painted the Ted and Kay Strom figures on the Wings of Victory mural and also the people on the Central Hotel mural.

Marshall Dunn showed his talent to the Fat Lamb Hotel mural, adding the motor bikes.

'BJ' Graham worked in the Wykamp building where he has brought back to life the signs of the CWA, Eugowra Golden Eagles and the Sportsground.

The pavilion on Saturday was also host to successful markets and Di Agustin, on behalf of VIEW, would like to thank all the stallholders who came.

Although it was very wet outside there were a large number of visitors shopping at the many and varied stalls, the old building was fairly rocking with the music from the busker who appeared on the day.

Thank yous must be extended to the men who transported the Singing Postie mural from the showground to the block next to the Pharmacy, and then placed it in its permanent spot, where it looks great with the dairy cows and their calves.

A big thank you to Tim de Lange and son David for cutting the trailer load of great firewood, a very popular raffle. Bill Fennell deserved to win.

Thank you to everyone who supported the competitions. The results are displayed on the notice boards around town.